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Rachel is my choice!

Heart of Rachel has been nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Award at this year’s Philippine Blog Awards. And my vote totally goes to her!

Rachel is one of the first bloggers (a mom at that!) I met online, and offline! The first time I met her, I thought that her sweetness and gentleness in her blog also shines through in her personality. She really is one of the nicest blog-friends around. I also love how she lovingly shares her daily family adventures through candid posts and photos. Her blog is one that you will easily enjoy reading.

Go, go, go Rach! (insert *Plurk‘s banana dance* here)

To vote for Rachel, please go here for the guidelines.

The Philippine Blog Awards will be on September 21, 2008 at One Esplanade, and is generously supported by the following: [UPDATED, 9/17/2008] Continue reading Rachel is my choice!

The Filipino Mom Blog – a group blog project

The other exciting personal pursuit I talked about in my previous post is The Filipino Mom Blog. And it is finally online!

How did this begin? It was never intended to be a full-blown blog project… All we – Cess, Cookie, Feng, Julie, Lynn, Wenchie and I – wanted to do initially was to blog about our eating conquests. But, well, now it seems we wanted to do so much more. 😀

What makes the FMB so interesting is how we were brought together. The seven of us met online as blogging moms. Because we lived near one another, we started organizing sporadic little meet-ups – for coffee, for dinner, for spa dates, even a picnic with the kids. Eventually, we became more real than virtual friends. We shared little victories, asked each other for advices, and simply enjoyed each one’s company. I realized how real and special our friendhip has become when I read about a wish that was granted… And I was part of that wish! (*sniff, sniff*)

Oh, we have many stories to share. I could go on and on and on. But I suppose you’d rather read about them at The Filipino Mom Blog. We hope our stories about family, friendships, food and everything in between will inspire you.

The Eating Club @ Burgoo Rockwell

Yep, that’s what we decided to call ourselves.

We’re a group of mommy bloggers who met online, and discovered that we have one other common denominator (aside from blogging) – eating!

For me, eating out with great friends is a nice way of de-stressing, detaching myself momentarily from the cares of mommy-hood. Planning this particular adventure actually began with an email that sounded like – “I’m tired. School days are so toxic. Let’s meet?”

We’ve had several eating adventures already. Last week, it was agreed that we’d drive all the way from the north end of Metro Manila to Makati in order to taste the Japanese-American cuisine of JohnandYoko. Unfortunately, EDSA was jammed with motorists and it was taking us forever to get out of Quezon City.

So at the last minute, it was decided we’d settle for Powerplant at Rockwell. We walked around, rode the escalators up and down, in search of a good resto. In the process, Cookie and I were lured into buying great ballet flats on sale at CMG. Hay…

We finally settled for Burgoo. Continue reading The Eating Club @ Burgoo Rockwell

My First Vinyasa Yoga Class

This is a belated post on the vinyasa yoga class for bloggers held at the Vinyasa Yoga Center two weeks ago. It’s been on paper-draft, but my PC has been (still is) sick. Hay, buhay.


A few months after starting Project:FitMom, I began going to the gym. I often attended group classes such as cycling, aero-combat, Pilates. All are physically challenging. But there is one class I’ve always been interested in but found too intimidating – yoga.

So when I heard of the collaboration between Jane and The Blog & Soul Movement for a bloggers’ Vinyasa yoga class, i hesitated signing up for a while. But I’m glad I went anyway. Opportunities to meet up with blogger-friends such as Cookie, Dine and Jane are always welcome, of course.

The class was held at the Vinyasa Yoga Center in Ortigas, led by Teacher Pio Baquiran. As teacher Pio introduced the origins of yoga, I realized that yoga will definitely help in deepening my practice of Buddhism. (Many do not know that I am a semi-practicing newbie Buddhist. “Semi” because beef is the only meat I’ve managed to remove from my diet so far!) Continue reading My First Vinyasa Yoga Class