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Dimsum baskets – layers of goodness

These aren’t wood and steel buildings. They are dimsum baskets, with everything lovely and luscious steaming inside!

dimsum baskets

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Random Binondo Trip on a Sunday

I’ve been talking about VGood’s allergies. Last night, she did not have a good sleep – she kept on scratching! It seems like the meds and diet are not working yet.This morning, hubby was bent on buying Mopiko, a Japanese anti-itch cream sold in Chinese drugstores. His mom used it for all of their itchies, so why not give it a try? And so the first order of the day was an unplanned Binondo trip.

Lingnam T. alonzo Binondo trip

So off we (hubby and the 2 girls and I) go to Binondo in search of the itch remedy!
First stop, though, was at LingNam for congee. It was a debate whether to eat there or at Masuki. I wanted to try something new and I’ve never eaten at LingNam. The congee was good, though nothing spectacular about it.

Binondo trip Chinese drugstore alonzo

After breakfast, we went to the drugstores along T. Alonzo Street. I cannot say enough how much I love each spontaneous Binondo trip. The kids found the different roots, powders, and dried sea horses at the drugstore fascinating. We bought 2 tubes of itch creams for VGood, and Pei Pa Koa (a famous cough remedy) for Patch.

A Binondo trip with the kids would not be complete without a calesa ride! We went around once, which cost P100.00. Last year (or 2 years ago), we paid P80.00. You bet the cars were honking at our slow pace, but the kids were not mindful at all! They enjoyed every moment of the short ride.

Binondo trip calesa ride