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Ceelin with zinc – choosing well for family wellness

I wrote this article for Ceelin with Zinc – a vitamin supplement that my kids have been using for years.


Having three kids is, yes, joy.

But it’s also no joke when at least one of them gets sick. Because we share a family bed (yes, we all sleep together in one room… yes, teenager included 😀 ), when one gets sick, the others are in danger of catching the bug too.

Of course, there’s Nate to consider, since he is an atopic child with a lot of food and environmental restrictions.

Because I want my kids to be healthy (and because, admittedly, it’s such a hassle when one of them is sick!), I put a premium on my family’s health. As a mom, choosing to be healthy is a decision that is often solely mine to make (because husband is busy making money, haha!).

 My armament against sickness! ceelin with zinc
My armament against sickness!

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Cooking Brown Rice in Rice Cooker

how to cook brown rice

In an effort to observe a healthier diet, my family has gone back to eating brown rice. Compared to its white counterpart, brown rice is full of the good stuff – vitamins and trace minerals essential in fighting cancers and other diseases. It’s also a low glycemic index food, meaning it belongs to the good carbs gang.

I think brown rice is an acquired taste. The kids, especially, always don’t find it easy adjusting to the coarser texture and earthy taste. When cooked with too little water, the grains turn out tough. So we cook ours with a little more water and a little bit longer.

We use rice cooker to cook brown rice. The rice is rinsed with cold water once. Then water is measured with 1:2 ratio. That is, for each cup of brown rice, use 2 cups of cold water. After rice boils and all the water is absorbed, I keep the lid on for about 15 minutes more to let the rice continue cooking. This makes the brown rice fluffier when served.

Other sites suggest soaking brown rice in cold water thirty minutes before cooking. While others say using broth instead of plain water for cooking will result to more appetizing brown rice. I haven’t tried either yet. I have a feeling the first suggestion will shorten cooking time, which right now lasts about 30 minutes for me (on the rice cooker). And the second suggestion will be welcomed by the kids!

I’ll let you know if I do try them out.

My kids, by the way, have gotten the hang of eating brown rice again. It took about a week or so of resistance manifested in half-finished bowls. Persistence, persistence. 😉

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