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My kids love horseback riding in Baguio

Horseback riding is THE one thing that they definitely would not miss doing in all our trips to Baguio.

Horseback riding in Baguio Camp John Hay

They love horseback riding so much that they even have favorite horses at the riding trail in John Hay. V’s fave is a horse named Rainbow, while Pat’s is Tanduay (yeah, yeah, it’s named after one of Baguio folks’ favorite beverages).

They love horseback riding so much that hub, at one point, considered buying a horse! Eh. Not gonna happen. Where are we gonna park it? Out in front of the house, tied to the gate? 😀

Camp John Hay horseback riding

Update, 29 December 2015: Our favorite horseback riding spot is Shalan di Kabadjo at Camp John Hay, because there’s a trail through a wooded area that leads to a riding circle on a flat area. Last year (2014), an hour of horseback riding cost P370.00. We realize the prices go up almost every year. The horseback ride area is near The Filling Station; it’s on the right if you’re coming from the main gate on from Loakan Road.

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Dream Pet

My kids (and hub) have a dream pet…

Though my kids have been asking for a pet dog, I know it is really not their “dream” pet. Fish? Definitely not, because it seems like the excitement over the aquarium has faded. The aquarium was hub’s idea, but guess who ended up taking care of it?? (So yeah, fish seem like low-maintenance pets. But not when they live in a 50-gallon tank.)

I know this one ‘pet’ that will stir excitement in them (the hub included) to no end…

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