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Baguio Ketchup Food Community

Dining and hanging out with family and friends under the pine trees of Baguio is such a wonderful experience. And one of the new places I get to do just that is the Ketchup Food Community.

Ketchup Food Community Baguio City

I immediately liked Ketchup the first time my sister brought me there, so I have been going back each time I went home to Baguio. There are five restaurants inside Ketchup that serve different cuisines. My favorites are Happy Tummy and Canto. Continue reading Baguio Ketchup Food Community

Baguio food find: Nelly’s Best Burgers

I was in Baguio with my family for the Christmas holidays. But unlike previous trips, I spent all of my time with my folks just at home or doing errands together. Since we had mostly home-cooked food, we did not go to our usual fave food hang-outs. But my sister Ateng did bring me to Baguio’s cheapest burger joint: Nelly’s Best Burgers on Pacdal.

Nelly's Best Burgers baguio

Clockwise from top: the menu – anything goes; hotdog, ham, egg, cheese and veggies burger (P35.00); Combo Max (P55.00); The one and only grilling station at Nelly’s churns out 1,000+ burgers per day; Bacon, egg, cheese, and veggies burger (25.00).

A basic burger patty in buns costs P10.00 (about 25 US cents!) while the Combo Max specialty – burger patty, ham, hotdog, bacon, egg, cheese and veggies on double buns! – costs P55.00 (a little over a dollar!).

Nelly’s Best Burgers, ran by ate Nelly Candelario and her husband, has been operating for 8 years in this small stall across the St. Joseph Church in Pacdal. Most customers are students from the school that’s just right across the stall, and taxi drivers. But a  lot of local folks and tourists also come by for a quick and cheap burger fix. According to ate Nelly, they cook an average of one thousand burger patties per day! That’s a lot of burgers!

Nothing extraordinary or spectacular about the burger patties, mind you. They’re actually just Pampanga’s Best patties. But I guess the price, plus the sheer challenge of gobbling up the Combo Max, drive customers back again and again.

Next time you’re in Baguio, go look for ate Nelly’s burgers. The stall is near the Pacdal Rotonda, almost right across the St. Joseph Church and St. Louis Pacdal.

Nelly’s Best Burgers. No. 2 Siapno Road, Baguio City.