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‘Tis the season for allergies… fa lala lala

Waking up to a cool morning is a wonderful luxury appreciated by most Metro Manila folks. Just this morning, I was wonderfully chilled, and was glad that hub was driving the kids to school today. So I had more time to snuggle in bed, teehee.

But this weather also wreaks havoc on allergics and asthmatics. My son’s rashes have worsened — his eyelids are often swollen and itchy. My friends’ asthmatic children are having more frequent attacks.

For most households with asthmatic patients, portable nebulizers seem to be a must-have. My kids have their own unit. There are newer nebulizers, such as this respironics oxygen concentrator, which have more advanced features. It may be good for asthmatics to consider these newer ones. Although the basic ones work perfectly fine for my kids.

Help on asthma days

The rainy season is here, causing changes in weather that may also trigger asthma attacks in sufferers. We did a feature back in early May on asthma here at the POC Wellness page.

The shifting of seasons is one of the known triggers of asthma. There are a lot of preventive measures that can be done, however, in order to avoid or minimize the chances of getting acute attacks. Watch the video at the end of the article to get some tips on how to do breathing exercises to improve lung health and capacities.

Oftentimes, owning a portable nebulizer, like  inogen oxygen concentrators, becomes necessary for persons with asthma.