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Pampano fish recipe – steamed Chinese style

Hubby went to the fish market early today… Yep, he does the weekend market rounds, hooray! Hey, he buys; I cook. That’s how it works.¬†Anyway, he found really fresh pampano (pompano) fish of the “silver” variety for only P220.00 per kilo. So I thought of a pampano fish recipe – fish this fresh is ideal for steaming.








My kids and hubby loooove steamed pampano. Don’t be deceived by the looks of these two cute girls. They can devour one whole steamed fish, I tell ya!
I got this recipe from my cousin along time ago ( i think I was just a kids then, but it somehow stuck to me). I remember it was a humongous carp caught by dad in Binga Dam that got “steamed” by my cousin.

Here’s my take on the steamed pampano fish recipe.

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