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Making Artzooka 3d cards (mouth pop-up cards)

This afternoon, V was inspired to make Artzooka 3d cards that she saw on the show. The kids have been OD’ing on TV all summer. That’s okay – it’s summer anyway. They won’t be getting this much TV when school starts so, sige laaaang…

Look at what V made from scratch, inspired by Artzooka, a program on Nickelodeon that features cool art projects.

The cards are actually called mouth pop-up cards, and I found this video that illustrates how they are made.

To make Artzooka 3d cards, you will need:

At least 2 pieces of colored art paper (V used construction paper here)



coloring materials (crayons, colored pens, colored pencils)

googly eyes (optional. You can instead draw eyes, or make cutout eyes, like V did.)

Artzooka 3d cards pop-up alienA pink alien, probably from Venus?

Artzooka 3d cards pop-up bruce sharkBruce the shark and all his sea-creature friends. There’s a crab there somewhere that Nate drew.

Artzooka 3d cards pop-up yellow duckieThe Duckie… before I stewed it in beer… I guess…. 😀 Hahahahaha!

Making these Artzooka 3d cards, along with another one (a dog!) she sent as a birthday card for a cousin, kept V busy one whole afternoon. Actually, these 3D/pop-up creations make great greeting card ideas.

V based the alien design on the Artzooka episode. The duck and the shark, however, are her very own designs.

So you see? TV isn’t bad all the time. 😀

Finally… happy holidays!

Today was the kids’ last day of school for the year.

So we are officially on Christmas break. Wooohoooo! Now I can feel the holiday spirit.

And this one really made me feel more Christmassy all over!

I’m so proud of my Nate! Yep, he scrawled his name by himself, stuck the colorful plastic stars and moons, and the cotton balls too!

The tree looks a whole lot prettier now. 😀

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