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The Tomatis Method: Is it for your child?

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“V, can you please turn off the light?” I tell my 9-year-old daughter. She looks at me, appears to hear me, but goes on watching TV. So I tell her again, this time with a louder voice. She realizes she didn’t obey the first time I told her, so she goes on to turn off the light.

(At other times, though, the first part of this sequence loops twice all over before it gets to the “obeying” part.)

Does this happen to you and your child too? They appear to be listening, but it seems that your words just came in one ear and went out through the other. (That sounds oh so familiar, doesn’t it, moms and dads? LOL)

Last week, I learned a possible explanation for the “hearing but not listening” phenomenon that I’ve come to know so well. My child may have a “listening problem”.

I was introduced to the Tomatis Method with a visit to Tomatis Philippines. Though it has been around for the past fifty years, it was my first time to hear all about the Tomatis Method.

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