Switching to PLDT Home Fibr

After being with Globe Broadband Tattoo for over 2 years, I finally switched to PLDT Home Fibr. My subscription with Globe was for the landline/broadband bundle at P1299 per month. Advertised speed was 3 mbps – which I rarely felt, really. I was fine with that, because I didn’t need a lot of speed to surf and use social media.

imom_PLDThome fibr modem xmas village

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at home. 😀 Find the photobombing modem. 😀

And then, a few months ago, Globe began capping bandwidths. My plan’s data cap was 50 GB per month. Towards the end of each month, I could feel our internet hopelessly slowing down to a crawl.

But I’d just wait until our bandwidth allowance was replenished the following month. I could live with a few days of slow internet.

What pushed to me switch?

The short of the story – my Globe internet connection went bonkers on November 1, and was unrestored up to the day PLDT connected me to Home Fibr on November 10. Ten days of hearing nothing but hollow apologies from helpless customer service agents. No solutions were offered. I asked to be connected to a supervisor who might be able to talk more sense and, perhaps, offer some actionable plan. But that also did not happen.

I got tired of the notorious and perpetual “network issue in your area po” and “cabinet problem po” that cannot seem to be fixed. Beyond those two lines, it seemed Globe’s customer service is not capable of addressing issues of customers.

On the 5th day with no internet, our whole household was on severe internet withdrawal. WE HAD TO HAVE INTERNET. *nginiiiig*

I wasn’t going to wait one more day, and waste another minute talking to Globe customer service. So I went to a nearby PLDT office and filled up a form for Home Fibr. Within 5 days, Home Fibr got installed… we were back and alive! (RIP, Globe.)

imom_PLDT home fibr modem

My current internet plan:

PLDT Home Fibr Lite Plan at P1899 per month

Speed up to 20 mbps

80 GB monthly volume allowance

Bundled with fiber phone line

At the speed we’re getting, it’s easy to lose track of volume usage as downloading and streaming become so seamless. So I’m waiting to see if 80 gig is enough. I hope it is. There’s the P2899 plan with unlimited bandwidth, but I’m hoping we don’t have to upgrade to it.

imom_PLDT home fibr_speedtest

Speed tests haven’t disappointed yet.

Right now, the whole family is loving the Fibr experience. 😀

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