Surprised By The Scale (UPDATED!)

Usually, I weigh myself once a week. But ever since I gained over five whopping pounds (ssshh! Don’t tell anyone) during the Christmas season, I started ignoring the scale. Hmp!

Last Saturday, after taking a bath, I nonchalantly stepped on the little thing. With no expectations of course.

Why, I was surprised! I’ve lost five fabulous founds pounds! I am now back to my pre-Christmas weight. I am surprised because I don’t feel I have been working that hard on losing weight. Yes I go to the gym – three times a week at best. But due to my morning Mandarin classes, I often miss out on the cycling classes.

So what made the difference? No, it’s not some magical weight loss pills. It’s something I’ve been doing on the treadmill. I will blog about it in my fitness blog. 😉 The blog entry is now posted at my fitness blog, Project:Fit. go check it out! 

9 thoughts on “Surprised By The Scale (UPDATED!)

  1. good for you 🙂 go girl..that’s a really wonderful surprise. mine is often the other way around, i thought i have lost weight till i go to that evil scale !

  2. Hi Tin! Here’s a peek –  I’ve been doing interval sprint training. I’m drafting an entry at my fitness blog na. 🙂 Will update this post when it’s done. Thanks for the visit!

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