Sunny for bad-hair days

Do you have a “suki” salon? Does your hair go haywire when someone else but your trusted parlorista cuts it? Mine does. And I’ve proven it time and again.

Years ago, I had a suki parlorista in the salon/spa right across where we used to live. How convenient! Even after we moved houses, I’d still go back to her. One day I went back for my regular hair cut. Someone else came to attend to me.

iMoM: Ay, day-off si Jo?

Parloristo/ta: Ay, nag abroad na po siya. Ako na po ang head stylist ngayon.

iMoM: Ay, ganun ba. Sige. (In her mind: Ngeeee. Let’s see if my hair likes you.)

My hair did not like him. So the search was on once again for The One meant to cut my hair. After almost a year of salon-hopping, I finally found her.

Sunny, of the Korean Tony and Jackey Salon (Tomas Morato Branch, Quezon City), gets the job done! What I like about her is the meticulous, almost-perfectionist way of cutting. The first time I went there she remarked that my previous haircut “is very dirty.” She probably meant that the lines were not sharp or symmetrical.

She also offers style suggestions, and tells you of the pros and cons. (“This one you have to blow-dry everyday.” “This is a new style, but it’s not nice for your face.” “Oh no! That will make your hair fly away more!”). After you’ve agreed on the style, Sunny goes to work on you like you were going to be her next masterpiece. I’m not exaggerating, but my haircuts usually last about an hour. (I have short hair!)

Waiting for my turn. Note how squeaky clean the background is.

Tony and Jackey is also immaculately clean. If you’ve been to the Morato branch, you know what I mean. The floors are always being swept; the glass doors always smudge-free. One time, Sunny dropped the scissors accidentally while cutting my hair. She asked her assistant to wash it. How many salons do that?

On my visit last Thursday, there were so many customers so I had to wait for almost an hour. But it was fine – they have two PC units with high-speed internet. The blogger in me was more than happy to wait, while sipping the hot cup of coffee I was served.

Why was I there last Thursday? Because, a few weeks ago, I had a haircut somewhere else. I figured T&J was too far away from home, while this salon was just in the neighborhood. Why don’t I give it a try? Oh my, my hair had a violent reaction! Ergo, Sunny to the rescue.

Her parting words: “You have to come back after one month. I fix it some more. This side (pointing on my right), the cut is too… too… (she fumbles for words)… Just come back after a month. Okay?”

Okay po.

Who’s your bad-hair day hero? Don’t you just love him/her?


Tony and Jackey-Quezon City branch is located at the CTTM Square on Tomas Morato/Timog Circle, right beside Pizza Hut and Mercury Drug. A Petron gas station is across it. Telephone number +6324076928. Haircut costs Php500.00 – a bit pricey but I think you will get your money’s worth. There’s an ongoing promo in all Metro Manila branches until May 24th. Check the Tony and Jackey website for more info.

(This is not a paid post. I am just a satisfied customer! I hope local salons emulate its efficient service, cleanliness and professionalism.)

19 thoughts on “Sunny for bad-hair days

  1. My gulay! P500 for a haircut? Nagrereklamo na nga ako sa Ricky Reyes Barber Shop for their fee of P180. Pero sulit naman sa yo. Mukha ngang P2000 haircut eh. O ha! Hehe.

  2. @ Abaniko – O ha! Ikaw ha! Ang totoo, meron akong 10% discount card. Tapos ngayon, nakapromo at 300 nalang ang haircut.

  3. Hi Chats, nice new look sis, me pagka OC din ang stylist huh. Ako I only trust the stylist at Ystilo (near our place) with my hair. Pero tagal ko na rin di nagpa-cut…Baka mabigla si hubby, he wants long hair kasi…

  4. Yes, I have a “suki” hair salon and hair stylist. I’ve been going back to the same salon since college ~ Rever (formerly located at Mandarin Hotel and transferred to Pacific Star). The name of my hair stylist is Lucy,

    There are times when I couldn’t go to Makati for my haircut. Tinitiis ko talaga kahit weird na ang itsura ng hair ko. Once I tried to have a haircut at David’s (sister company ng Rever) para tipid pero na “murder” hair ko kaya NEVER na ako nagpagupit sa iba. I’m not saying David’s is not a good place to have a haircut. Many of my friends like going to David’s. Nagkataon lang siguro sa akin kasi di ko nagustuhan haircut ko pero once is enough. I learned my lesson. Imagine when I was pregnant, 1 cm na ako open, nagpadrive pa ako kay hubby para lang magpagupit. Alam ko kasi when I give birth di agad ako makakaalis ng house. Funny and memorable yung day na yun.

    Going to the salon is my reward to myself kahit na mahal na gas and all. 🙂

  5. hmm that reminds me i need a hair cut soon !! oh well it costs so much to have a hair cut done here so I just go to where it’s cheap .. they have this discount place i go to once in a while it’s 60% cheaper than the normal one however it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the hair you want oh and you dry your hair too here – it would be too much of a luxury to have it blow dried – it costs like another hair cut and that’s in all the places cheap, normal and expensive ones.

  6. yes, it looks good on you! ito ba yung sa tapat ng yellow cab?
    i’m willing to give it a try! i’ve been looking for a parlor na uupo ka na lang, the stylist will work his/her magic and voila! you look like a star.
    pwede bang yung eating club dito magdate one of these days this june? before the third week of june?

  7. Hi Wench! Medyo sobrang short nga eh, kasi hinabol nya yung palpak ni neighborhood salon! Mas okay na rin na OC sya di ba. hehe

    Hi Rach! Nakaka aliw naman manganganak ka nalang, you had a haircut pa. Tama ka, kung saan talaga tayo hiyang, dun nalang palagi. Ang hirap kaya to live with a murdered hair!

  8. Hi cess! Oo, nasa tapat ng Yellow Cab. Habulin mo habang may promo, til the 24th ata. But your hair naman is so tame, no need for magical skills!

    Sure, sa Morato tayo mag date sa June… Basta darating ka ha? 😛

    Hi Daiz! Ikaw din, mukhang mabait ang hair mo. You’re so lucky bangs lang ginugupit mo. I’ll check the tag out. Ty!

  9. Alam mo, i was thinking ang ganda nga ng hair mo when we met two weeks ago but i forgot to say it aloud.

    I have a parlorista in residence — not exactly in residence pala kasi she’s now apartment-living near the hospital where she’s training.

    You know that i have always had this hair almost sb (since birth) — haha. I know it is time to try something new. Subukan ko kaya si Sunny mo. 500 is masakit sa bulsa pero if its worth it … hmmmm.

  10. bakit di nakasingit yung comment ko kagabi? anyway, i saw nga this promo at another site. lapit ito sa amin ah. hahabol ako…sabay kaya kami ni annamanila 🙂

  11. @ Toni – I know services such as haircuts and manicures cost a fortune in the first world! My tita gets all her hair works done (coloring, hair cut, hair spa, cellophane, etc) in the Philippines before she goes back to the US.

    @ Annamanila – Ay that one kasi I blow-dried my hair, it was yet unrepaired then. If I wanted to look presentable, I would have to blow-dry everyday! Too much work.

    @Kongkong – Habol ka dali, 1300 lang ang rebonding for any hair length. See you fri!

  12. when i was in manila, i saw this salon being featured in a tv show. and maganda nga esp kung particular sila sa cleanliness. my hair? they want the hands of a pinoy kaya everytime i go back to pinas i have it cut so short kasi dito trimming lang at takot akong makalbo 😀

  13. I believe that with haircuts you get what you pay for! 😀 I have a favorite stylist na I followed from the time he was with Hairworks, then he transferred to Mary Pauline, then he went abroad for a short while, and now he’s with Salon de Ken. Wherever he goes, I follow! 😀

  14. Hi Raqgold! Bakit ka naman makakalbo dyan, hehe? My friend, Toni (of, who commented above, lives around the Frankfurt area. maybe you two should get introduced to each other. 🙂

    Hi toni T.! Good for you – nahahanap mo pa rin siya wherever he goes. True, that’s what I tell my friends – you get what you pay for, in all aspects.

  15. hi…i tried tony and jackey Baguio Branch..its so nice the haircut is nice sasabihin ng hairstylist sau if bagay mo o hndi…mga staff nila super friendly din..may mga promos cla ngaun, kya grBBED the chance for a 3500 rebond,hair manicure,hair treatment with haircut but its korean product un any length while kung l’oreal its 6000 i think..but its so sulit..better try it!!

  16. hi.. how much ang rebonding nila,, medium length ang haba.. dami ko n kasi nasubukan n salon,, index, f-salon, davids, ystilo,, pero still hindi makuha yung gusto kong straight.. i’ve got a curly hair,, but not kinky kulot kulot.. kaasar..

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