Sunday Crafts

This afternoon, the girls and I worked on the paper clay art kits we got earlier today from Market! Market! We decided to start with the simpler, less complicated patterns. And if P and V get the hang of it, we will be back next week for more supplies and patterns. P got a Piglet and Pooh pattern, while V’s were 3 smiley flowers. We’re almost done with the projects (I was the supervisor, as V called me).

Did you notice the table? Yep, that is the patio table hubby and I designed and created (with much credit to his handymen in the office LOL). I did not expect it to take so long to finish, but there were some problems in scheduling the metal frame for powder-painting. After all the trouble, we are finally able to enjoy it! Will post a better photo soon. Anyone want to order a patio table? 😀
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3 thoughts on “Sunday Crafts

  1. The patio table turned out really fabulous!

    Your kids are sooo adorable. I have tried doing that particular craft with my niece and they absolutely love it.

    Have a great week!

  2. Hi Chateau. I’ve been a little quiet lately because I had no internet access for a week. It was terrible but I survived. ha! ha! I’m back and looking forward to making up for what I missed.

    That looks like a nice patio table. It must be great to design your own furniture.

    I haven’t tried clay art with my son yet. I find it very interesting. I’m thinking of buying a small and simple kit for starters.

    It’s always nice to dabble in fun crafts with your child/children. It’s a great way to bond.


  3. Thanks, alternati! My younger daughter does not have the patience yet to finish one kit, so i ended up finishing hers, hehe.

    Hi Rach! I know how it feels to be cut off from the web! Good that you have your access back.
    I hope we finish fixing the patio soon! Save for the new table, it still looks like a bodega to me LOL!

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