Manila Peninsula Ultimate Sunday Brunch buffet Escolta

Sunday brunch buffet at Escolta, The Peninsula Manila

My friend who works at The Peninsula Manila invited me to the hotel’s Ultimate Champagne Sunday Brunch Buffet at Escolta. What’s a blogger to do but graciously accept such invites? It’s only for work, I assure husband. And I’ll skip the champagne. 😛

The Manila Peninsula’s Ultimate Champagne Sunday Brunch is a cross-over buffet between Escolta‘s international fare and Spices‘ Asian flavors.

Peninsula Manila brunch buffet at Escolta Spices

My friend/ fellow volleyball mom, Cristina Cruz (Director for Sales and Marketing), and Executive Sous Chef Samuel Linder were my gracious hosts who walked me through the different stations of the buffet.

Chef Sam Linder brunch buffet at Escolta Peninsula Manila

Brunch buffet at Escolta

Escolta’s Flavors of the World offers daily themed buffets. On Mondays, it’s French; Tuesdays are Korean and Japanese. The best of Asian cuisine are out on Wednesdays, and Mediterranean on Thursdays. Seafood Nights are every Friday and Saturday. Sundays are the ultimate, because all themes come together in one wonderful feast at the Ultimate Sunday Brunch Buffet at Escolta.

brunch buffet at Escolta

Escolta, The Peninsula Manila

Not only does The Peninsula Manila take food seriously; beautiful details are everywhere. The fruit carvings are artfully done by Rich, in third photo below. The hotel also has in-house ice sculptors who are responsible for the creative ice centerpieces.

Escolta ice sculpture

For starters, Escolta has a wide variety of appetizers – fancy hors d’oeuvreamuse-bouche (grabbing this chance to use some vocab I learned from Top Chef :P), and fresh salads.

appetizers amuse-bouche


If you’re a cheese lover, Escolta has an impressive Cheese Station – brie, emmental, gruyere, gorgonzola, manchego, and taleggio –  that you can enjoy with nuts, dried fruits, and that free-flowing champagne.

Cheese stationCheeses at Escolta

The Carving Station had roast duck and lechon kawali on the day I was there. Chef Sam says the lechon kawali is an all-time favorite – no matter what day, it always gets wiped out. On some days, a whole lechon (roast pig) is laid out. Naturally, the Filipino Station is adjacent to the Carving Station, along with the Chinese Station which has all our favorite dim sum, noodles, and classic Chinese dishes.

Carving station Escolta Aaah, my favorite station – Seafood! Feast on fresh prawns, lobsters, crabs, mussels and oysters cooked to your liking. Mine’s classic garlic and butter. The oysters are so fresh they can be eaten right off the shell if you like it that way.

seafood station EscoltaAfter seafood, Japanese is my favorite station in buffets. Escolta has fresh tuna, salmon and saba sashimi, and huge trays of sushi rolls. (Unfortunately, no uni for my uni-loving friend Lorraine.)

Japanese station

japanese station sushi brunch buffet at escolta

Create your own sandwich here at the Sandwich Station with its assortment of sliced hams, freshly baked breads, veggies and condiments.

Sandwich station

Next to it is a huge pizza oven (2nd photo below, click to enlarge) so all their pizzas are always freshly baked. Chef Sam recommends their unique sweet pizzas – the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Pizza, and the Mango Graham Pizza. They taste as luscious as they sound. Then there’s the Pasta Bar and Chocolate Fondue right next to the pizzas.

Special tips for moms and dads: Pizza + pasta + sandwiches + chocolate = everything a kid needs to be happy. All in one area of the buffet. *wink* You’re welcome!

Are you full yet? There’s more. Let’s cross over onto the other side at Spices.

TO reserve a table for the Ultimate brunch buffet at Escolta, call +63 2 887 2888 Ext 6694. Like The Peninsula Manila Facebook page and follow them on Instagram for news and updates.

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