Binondo Trip on a Sunday: Ying Ying, Redsun & a Calesa Ride

Today’s weather was beautiful so my family decided to take a break from the usual weekend routine (read: home-supermarket-mall lunch-home). We went on another spontaneous Binondo Trip.

Binondo Church Manila Binondo trip
The Binondo Church

The kids and hub rode a kalesa (now costs P100 or USD2 for one ride around Chinatown), while ate J and I shopped some at Shopper’s Mart on Ongpin Street.

Binondo trip kalesa ride
A Binondo trip isn’t complete without a kalesa ride!

I also made sure to drop by Redsun Chinese Drugstore (Ongpin Street) to buy some traditional medicine for skin itchies (“Piyan Ping 999” – I got you two tubes, Manang Toni! Now how to get them to you… ) and throat ouchies (“Pang Tai Chip” or “Pong Tai Chit” powder – living proof that bitter is better! Ack).

Binondo trip Redsun Chinese Drusgstore
Shot from the dashboard – pardon the blur.

Ying Ying Tea House along Dasmarinas Street has become our favorite place for dim sum and congee. My daughter V can finish 2 servings of the xiao long bao (broth-filled dumplings). I love the congee and the huge shrimp siomai. And hub loves the prices – so affordable. 😛

On Sundays the place could get pretty crowded so be ready to wait for a table. I suggest you go earlier around 10 or 11. But even then, you may still need to stand a while for your turn.

Binondo Trip Ying YIng Tea house siomai xiao long bao
VGood can finish up to eight pieces of xiao long bao!
Binondo trip Ying Ying Tea House Japanese siomai
iPatch loves the Japanese siomai – pork and crabsticks with seaweed wrap.
Binondo Trip Ying Ying Tea House toilet note
These cute hand-drawn cartoon reminders in the toilet amused me. hehe

Hub knows the alleys of Binondo like the wrinkles on his forehead. Mayabang at at-home na at-home siya pag andito kami. He never fails to point out the familiar places –

Masangkay Street, where he grew up (iMom to kids: “Siga si papa dito nung araw!”);

The YMCA where he almost made it to the Table Tennis RP Team (Technohub: “Ayokong sumikat!”);

The old theater that isn’t there anymore (Technohub: “Dyan kami nanonood ni atsi ng mga drama ni Sharon Cuneta!” or “Dyan ako natutong mag-Tagalog” … LOL).

Lastly, a Binondo trip on a Sunday is such a breeze. No traffic! I have never seen the Manila City Hall looking so serene, undisturbed and beautiful without the unsightly traffic jam and perpetual jeepneys parked along this stretch of road.

The Manila City Hall on a Sunday BInondo Trip
The Manila City Hall – serene on a Sunday.

22 thoughts on “Binondo Trip on a Sunday: Ying Ying, Redsun & a Calesa Ride

  1. that’s such a nice “gimik”. i’ve never experienced Binondo. When we come back for a visit, I’ll tell husband to bring me there 🙂

  2. Acckkk wrong time to visit… I’m eating cold salad on my desk for lunch… Then I see the warm dumplings!

    Hi imom, sorry I’m remiss with my visits. But as usual, your post made me feel good. Di ako laking Manila but I did get my wedding ring in Ongpin — yup you read it right I bought the rings myself! 🙂

    Siguro ilagay mo ko sa gitna nang Binondo maiiyak ako kapag walang magsakay sa akin na taxi

  3. Manang Toni! yeah, I got you nga two tubes (read above)… I also got one for home use. Nate and i used the cream – super effective nga talaga. This 999 cream is really famous among Chinese-medication users, hehe. I wonder what’s in it that makes it super effective. Yikes. :-O

  4. Cess! Binondo is one of my favorite places. Si hubby kahit sinasabi nyang di maganda dun – madumi, magulo – feel na feel ko ang pride niya of his heritage, hehe.

  5. Hi Ibyang!

    There’s a walking food tour of Binondo. The name of the tour guide escapes me now, but I’m sure if you google it up, you will find him. Yes, do come and visit Binondo next time. 🙂


  6. Hi Cookie! Presidents Restaurant on Ongpin has closed!! Nagulat din kami ni hubby when we saw it. 🙁 I heard that Ying Ying is also owned by Presidents. Masarap ang dimsum , in fairness!

  7. Hi Abaniko! Go, binge at Binondo. It’s really fun. There are a lot of cheap places with great food. Ying Ying is a fine example. Don’t expect great ambience, of course. hehe…


  8. This is a different kind of Sunday fun. At least, the children get to know how it was before through your hubby’s kwento and how it is now. 🙂

  9. Hi Chats, kaka-miss Binondo. When we were younger my Dad would bring us to this small resto na ang daming kumakain and sarap ng food. Can’t remember the name.Plus the Binondo Church, historic talaga. Nag date din kami ng ex ko dyan before, he he he…

  10. Hi Julie! My husband is so proud of his heritage he really wants our kids to grow up deeply rooted in it too. Nag eenjoy din naman ako cos Chinese is my fave food, hehe. So sige lang, go lang ng go sa cultural immersion haha. 😀

  11. I think the last time I went to Binondo was when my BIL got married a few years ago. The reception was at President’s. Tagal na din.

    Yohan has never been on a kalesa ride before. I’m sure he will be thrilled to be on one. Ewan ko lang kung kaya ng kalesa kami ni hubby plus Yohan. Baka sobrang bigat. Ha ha!

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