Summer’s over, back to regular programming

Finally, the frequent afternoon rain showers lately have given Metro Manila residents some respite from the heat. Of course when it’s not cloudy or raining, the humidity and heat is still bad. But hey, at least we get cooler air after the brief showers.

But this also means summer is officially over, and, oh yes, indeed it’s back to school soon! In fact for my kids, that’s just in *deep breath* 7 days! Arrggh! I can’t believe it. Summer just breezed through!

You know what, it’s a shame but my family did not even get to go on one beach trip. Sucks eh? Now it’s too late to be planning something like that, though actually it’s what hub and I was talking about before we went to sleep last night.

Anyway, POC Wellness has a back-to-school theme going on. I thought the parents who read my blog might want to check out the articles and find something helpful:

Beating back-to-school blues: tips on how to help kids adjust to their reality – school life.

Mommy, don’t go! : how to deal with childhood anxiety, including separation anxiety. Must-read for those who will have toddlers going to school for the first time. *raises hand* –> ako ‘yun! *afraid*

Smelly side of Puberty: About body odor issues that teenagers face and how to help them. The key element, really, is hygiene.

Stress relief for busy moms: This was actually our Mother’s Day special, but as the start of school ominously looms in the near future, stress relief suddenly becomes relevant again. (Most especially true for me, because I will have all three kids going to school, one of them has a totally different schedule. On top of that, I have freelance jobs to keep.)

These are just some of the articles we have in store as our precious kids (yes, more precious than gold or even certified diamonds) go back to school. More are coming out this week so watch this page for updates.

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