Summer Chinese lessons in Manila

Chinese culture is one of the richest in the world. Chinese history is one of the oldest and most interesting, with many tales on epic heroism, family values, enduring love and even shocking controversies. That is why, for me and my husband, it’s important for our kids to learn the Chinese language. Why not enrol your kids in Summer Chinese lessons?

summer chinese lessons ming tzi
Result of VGood’s boredom while practicing her Chinese characters.

It would be such a waste if children with Chinese lineage grew up studying all their young lives in Chinese schools but not retaining a huge percentage of what they “learned”. I know many who studied in Chinese schools from grade school to high school, but could only muster a few Mandarin phrases. Hindi ba sayang?  

One reason that I see for the low retention of learning is that students have low interest to learn. Because the methods of teaching are not interesting and interactive enough, the kids just end up studying for the sake of getting good grades, not to learn the language. (My kids are classic examples.)

So make this summer productive for your kids, while awakening their interest in Chinese culture and language. Consider summer Chinese lessons for them.

Dash Cultural and Educational Institute, the center where I am studying Mandarin, is offering fun summer classes for kids this year.  The teachers are experienced experts in Chinese education, so enrol your kids with confidence.  Most of all, they are committed to teaching the Chinese language using interactive and practical approaches. Your kids won’t be bored!

The Summer Chinese lessons being offered are the following:

1.       Chinese Learning Camp Class A (5-8 years old):  Maximum of 15 in a class. Chinese Character Canon lessons 1-4. Nursery rhymes, story-telling, Chinese word games, cooking, arts and crafts.

2.       Chinese Learning Camp Class B (9-12 years old): Maximum of 15 in a class. Chinese Character Canon lessons 1-6. Chinese language speech correction, poems appreciation, Chinese short phrases, word games, cooking, scientific experiments, arts and crafts.

3.       Chinese Character Canon Class: For children as young as 4 years old up to young adults aged 20. Maximum of 15 students per age group.  The relaxed and interactive way of teaching will allow children to enjoy learning Chinese. (Please refer to my post for more detailed description of the CCC.)

4.       Chinese Phonetic Alphabet (Hanyu Pinyin): For kids ages 6-14. Maximum of 15 in a class. This is a good class to prepare your children for the coming school year.

5.       Chinese Pronunciation Class: For kids ages 9-12. Maximum of 15 in a class. This course uses short phrases method to correct children’s pronunciation.

6.       Abacus: For kids ages 4.5-6.5 and 7-12 years. This class teaches children how to learn and think at a young age, applying brain-based learning methods to tap hidden mental potentials of kids.

There are also Chinese Computer classes, Intensive English, cooking, scrapbooking, and arts and crafts courses.

For adults, the Chinese Character Canon course and Chinese cooking classes are being offered.

I think the center is still accepting enrolees for Batch 3 (April 27 to May 8 ) and Batch 4 (May 11 to May 22).

For schedules, fees and other information, please contact Dash Cultural and Educational Institute, and look for Mrs. Sofia Chua.

Address: # 35 Dona Hemady Avenue (between 4th and 5th Streets), New Manila, Quezon City

Telephone Numbers: (632)5667179, 5012842

Mobile Number: 09228266888


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  1. Pretty cool. I have no ounce of Chinese in me myself, but Isaac will be going to a Chinese school when he starts school this opening, so you can bet I’d be interested in learning some myself. The Dash way sounds a like a lot of fun, sayang sana meron similar teaching methods here too.

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