Still on Holiday

Hello friends! Belated Christmas greetings!
My family and I are still up here in Baguio. There’s so much to blog about. But I left my camera’s USB cable at home and internet access here at my parents’ home is limited too. I felt like I was going on blog-withdrawal symptoms so I am dropping a few lines here.
It’s cold up in Baguio. Today’s forecast is 17-19 degrees Centigrade. Okay, not that cold for western countries, but in the tropics, this is about as cold as it gets. Now you know why I sooo look forward to coming back here from Manila’s scorching 30-something degrees!
Christmas was celebrated with sisters no. 5 – Shiraz (and her family) and no. 6 – eMac. It was quite fuss-free as compared to previous years. We missed our daddy SilverG, who went with Mom to visit the queen for the holidays. We missed him because we’re so used to hearing him around Christmas dinner prep time nagging us to cook this, prepare more, do this, do that. Dad, we actually missed that! 😀
After Christmas, I have become busy organizing with my classmates our high school homecoming on the 29th. It’s been exhausting but fun, especially to see friends I have not seen since 15 years ago! (Wow, i’m old!)
My dear Magnate is sick. 🙁 He’s got fever, colds and cough. I guess the weather is too much for him. I brought him to my my classmate who is now a doctor (thank God I’m old!), and she saw his tonsils were inflamed. There’s also some wheeze in his lungs. He’s on medication now. Please pray for him.
I thought I’d just drop a few lines but did one too many! LOL
I’ll be back in a few days with lots of great photos! Ciao.

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  1. Sorry to hear that. I hope that your son is feeling much better by now. God bless.


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