Snickers in A Doughnut from Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme‘s at it again…

After Oreo Chocolate Kreme Cakes, this time Krispy Kreme brings the chewy, nutty chocolatey goodness of Snickers into doughnuts.

According to Wikipedia, Snickers is the best-selling chocolate bar of all time, with annual global sales reaching up to USD 2 Billion!

I could understand why, because there really is something in the way Snickers is chewy and nutty and caramel-ly, all at the same time.

By accident, I left the box of Snickers Doughnuts sitting on top of the oven. Someone must have used the oven to heat something. But I was wonderfully surprised to find the doughnuts with melted Snickers topping. 😛 (You should try it some time, hehe)

The Snickers Doughnuts come in Classic (has the dough of Original Glazed) and Chocolate Kreme Cake variants. Go grab ’em at the nearest Krispy Kreme store. (But go easy, lest you be needing an apidexin regimen soon!)

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