Sisig Night!

sisig with rice

Last Sunday, it was my turn to do the market rounds.  I bought some “maskara” –  the term used in the meat market for pig’s face.  😛 Literally, the skin from ear to ear – cheeks, snout, chin – is the part used for cooking sisig.

I haven’t cooked sisig for a while. We (manang L, Ate Jo, and myself) rolled up our sleeves to prepare this wonderful family favorite. First, we had to thoroughly clean the maskara. Then we boiled it to tenderize. Afterward, I had the whole maskara piece chopped into several parts for grilling.

The grilling is important as it will give the nice smokey flavor, as well as make the skin crispy. Since the meat is already cooked, the grilling has to be quick, the temperature very hot. Turn often to get an even golden color and avoid burning.

The really hard part comes during chopping. I asked Manang L to sharpen the knives so it will be a breeze. I sauteed the chopped pork in lots and LOTS of onions. The mixture gets a final “crisp-izing” treatment at the oven. I topped the sisig with an egg and returned it to oven for another 30 seconds.

Needless to say, the sisig was gone from the table in a flash. My family loves it! I got to be careful not do it too often though –  we almost ran out of steamed rice! 😛

My sisig recipe can be found here.


26 thoughts on “Sisig Night!

  1. Sarap nito…we love sisig but we only have the bangus sisig, alam mo na, health conscious daw. But if that is not the problem, naku, we’d go for the real one 😉

  2. yummy, when i see you next time I come home, i would definitely ask you to make this for me and the V 🙂 I’m sure he would love it, just don’t tell him what a maskara is all about 😉

  3. Hi Cookie! haha, beer nalang nga no?

    Anna, corek, major production talaga to prepare sisig. priority ko is to have sharp knives, hehe.

    Wenchie, sige soon! Di na natuloy McDo breakfast natin.

  4. Hi Toni! Sure, I’d be happy to make sisig for you and the V. After his second plate, tsaka ko sasabihin kung ano kinain nya, wahahaha. When ba is the next time?



  5. Hi Christianne! How are you and the pregnancy? COngrats ha, I’m sure excited na kayo lahat.

    Oo nga, I know how expensive those are in Europe. Pinapadalhan ko si Toni (commenter above, friend ko sa germany) ng sari-saring Pinoy supplies dati when my sister used to fly there.



  6. Hi Julie! Etong email responder ang na-install ko, not as nice as the one on FMB…

    Sobrang cardiac delight nga ng pork sisig, I’d like to give bangus sisig a try too soon. From raw boneless bangus ba , tapos hihimayin? Then same ingredients and procedure lang?




  7. Mukha ngang mas masarap ito kaysa sisig sa Tree House. 🙂 And when you say grill, you mean, oven grilling? Or hot plate frying? Kasi ako talagang ihaw sa charcoal and I do it before chopping. Thanks for the sisig recipe … i might do it one of these days or months or years. . Hope springs eternal!

  8. Hi annamanila! Grilling as in charcoal-grilling for me too. And yes, it’s done before the madugong chop-chop job. LOL at hope springs eternal… It was great to share the Treehouse sisig with you though. 🙂

  9. ang sarap naman niyan! i have never cooked sisig from scratch, my sisig is definitely from a pack, and yours is definitely way more katakam-takam! penge!

  10. I’ve eaten sisig before, but I had no idea it was made out of a pig’s face. Pig’s ears, maybe, but I didn’t know it was the whole face. Kinda makes it less appetizing. I thought you were semi-vegetarian, btw. You only ate fish, I thought.

  11. Hi Wil! Unfortunately, it’s still just beef that I’ve been successful with in getting out of my system. I know I should be eating less meat, but I haven’t progressed beyond beef. Faaar from semi-vegetarian… *sigh* thanks for the visit!

  12. Hi Raquel! You can also use liempo with skin-on as an alternative. I wonder what the Germans do with the maskara… Nilalagay siguro sa sausages. Ano nga kaya?

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