Simple Wishes of Children


Please keep my dad safe everyday.

Please make me well from my nose bleeding.

I pray that my achi (big sister) will not watch TV too close anymore.

Have my mom come home early from work.

Make my kuya (big brother) strong and healthy.

I pray that my shoti (little brother) will not call me Dodong anymore.

While waiting for my daughter VGood’s dismissal from school the other day, I wandered off to the Bulletin Board. One corner featured the Little Samuels Club, a club where pre-schoolers learn about praying and men of prayer in the Bible. The quotes above are a few of the kids’ prayers. (The last one made me LOL; the fourth teary-eyed.)

I love how honest and simple their wishes are. They do not want for so much, really. Not one of them asked for the latest PSP or a trip to Disneyland. (The teacher could have edited those out, hehe.)

Sometimes, at the mall, my kids seem to say “bilmoko” (A Filipino slang which translates to “Buy me this; buy me that”) a hundred times. But during their quiet moments with God right before they go to sleep, what is it that they murmur?

I’ve caught VGood several times whispering fervently with eyes tightly shut: “Please help me to be a good girl, please, please, please. I’m really trying hard to keep quiet and concentrate in school.”

It’s touching, but true: our kids don’t want expensive toys. Our children probably learned materialism from us adults. In their innocent and simple minds, they know that they only need those that matter. Good health. Parental presence. A loving family.

13 thoughts on “Simple Wishes of Children

  1. Hi Chats!! Children’s wishes are the purest of all. And if we can only make them come true, wouldn’t the world be a better place.

    A few nights ago, Gaby said that she “wished” I would never die and that I would always be with her. It took a supreme amount of control for me not to break into tears upon her saying that. I don’t know what got into her but she said that 🙂

  2. Hi Cookie!
    Naku, I would not have that much amount of control you had. Sometimes Vera too says that. One time she came to me out of the blue and asked if I will ever die. 😮

  3. Chats, you have good kids and i credit it to their parents. kudos to you!

    Thanks, Belle! It’s an everyday struggle really to be a patient, gentle and loving mom. hehe. I’m sure the kids feel the same – it’s an everyday struggle to be good, behaved kids LOL

  4. Hi Chats. Thanks for sharing the heartwarming post. There was a time when I had a small wound on my hand and I put a band aid on it. Before going to sleep, I heard Yohan adding to his prayers, “Please heal mommy’s wound.” Those simple words almost melted my heart.

    Hi rach! Yohan is such a sensitive and gentle heart, just like you. Ang bait bait! You’re so blessed to have him, but more so he to have you and Jules!

  5. Hi Chats, nakaka-touch talaga when you hear them pray, so sincere and so honest. One time naman, I overheard Gabbie prayed, “sana po di na po ako mapalo ni Mama, I’ll be good. promise po.” Na guilty tuloy ako…

    Aww, Gabbie is a good kid! Nakaka guilty no?

  6. Your post strikes sensitive spots in our hearts, Chats. Children these days are so focused on getting the trendy toys and going to “in” places. Not that these are wrong but then, there are things more essential that money could not buy.

    Have a great week 🙂

    Exactly my point, Julie! And most of the time, kasalanan din ng parents.

  7. aaw this is so touching. nakakatuwa. but true, what will make them happy cant be bought.

    Oo nga, Cess. Nakakatuwa na alam pala ng mga bata what matters in life.

  8. As a working mom, the 4th one hit me hard. Oh to be a SAHM.

    Hi pinayhekmi! The 4th is also my fave. Brought me back to those days when my life revolved around work.

    I’m sure with your job you’re able to find balance and make time for your family. For me kasi it was a demanding job (and boss!) + the office was so faaar away. Travel time robbed me of more family time. Good luck, I hope someday your SAHM wishes will come true. 😉

  9. hi chats! i went teary eyed with this post. sobrang natouch ako sa simple wishes nila. Nakakatuwa ang wish ng daughter mo. i don’t know what else to say. i’m really really touched with this post. 🙂

    Hi ann! So true, “A little child shall lead them.” That’s how my kids are oftentimes – they remind me of the little things that matter.

  10. So touching! Riel can only pray bless mommy and our family for now. Mababait talaga mga anak mo. =)

    BTW, saw your new twitter avatar. You look gorgeous.

    Hi daiz! Naks, ty and ty ha… I’m sure Riel is growing up a good boy. See you Dec 1? 🙂

  11. I’m not a father yet but I agree with what you say. Children want love and assurance from parents. Their presence matter a lot to them. Once an teenager told me that the most cherished memory he has of his dad was when they went fishing together. It’s the bonding that counts, not the material things.

  12. Hi abaniko!
    Building memories for my kids is one of my special projects too…
    There’s a YET in the first sentence, hehe.;)

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