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Hey blog! I’ve been sick the past days – tonsillitis. It’s always horrible to get inflamed tonsils as I cannot do my favorite things – eat, talk and eat! I’ve already lost 2 pounds though, so at least that’s a good thing out of it. I’m getting better, so PBCs, here I come soon to our secret meeting place! LOL.

This is my stash /loot of Reese’s white PBCs. My friend Kaysee and and my sister Ravioli were the good donors. (Mwah! Love you both!) This post is to document their existence before they go into extinction soon. 😀

I was browsing around National Bookstore last week and was just about to give up… when I came upon a table with a “65% off” come-hither banner waving at me. After a few minutes, I was happily heading out the store with a daybook, Simple Abundance.

I have been reading the book since that day. And I feel so blessed to have found it. Simple Abundance is a women’s daily devotional book. The precepts are actually basic, but somehow I manage to forget them in the daily grind of life… Precepts such as gratitude, simplicity, contentment, harmony.
Let me share some beautiful and inspiring words from the book:

On Happiness:

“Let’s adopt a new state of mind about happiness. Let’s stop thinking that things outside our control will bring us happiness… Happiness that the world cannot take away only flourishes in the secret garden of our souls. By tending to our inner garden and uprooting the weeds of external expectations, we can nurture our authentic happiness the way we would nurture something that is beautiful and alive. Happiness is a living emotion…
“Ultimately, genuine happiness can only be realized once we commit to making it a personal priority in our lives.”

19 thoughts on “Simple Abundance

  1. I found your blog from the 2000 Blogs project. I enjoyed reading through it. My family lived in Manila from 1966 – ’68 and I have recently been rereading all of the letters my mom wrote from there which described our life in detail. We kids attended the American School (probably not there any more) and rented a house in Magallanes Village in Makati.

    Loved Bagio and travels to the provinces and all over the islands while there. Baguio City was a family favorite.

  2. Hi katie baird! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I went over to yours but couldn’t leave a comment because I haven’t a WordPress account yet.
    The American School in Makati is still there, it’s now called International School Manila.
    I’m glad you loved Baguio and the other places in our country. Much have changed since the 60s though. So I hope you pay a visit soon! 🙂

  3. Ah, the PBC’s…they’re like gold in this family…for the right price, I can have your sistah replenish your dwindling supply…we’ll be awaiting your text messages… 🙂

  4. Oh, BTW, I’ve been advised that you’ve earned quite a few demerits due to your recent “biatchy” episode. So, as our shopping cart rolls past the chocolate aisle at the local neighborhood retail outlet, a well-timed (and creatively-written) text message will ensure the acquisition of enough PBC’s to last until the next medical crisis… 🙂

  5. Hey Tifo! Hmmm, seems like someone’s been squealing some info… OMG, it was a signature G-moment,Geez! Sowee, sowee sowee na ateng! Don’t worry, i’m reading this book and I hope it will have life-changing effects! 😀
    Have fun together. when exactly are you going to the supermarket? hehe

  6. hi mommy chats, hope you’re doin ok now! i had you linked up with my blog. 😉 kisses to the girls!

  7. Ciao, Chats!

    Yes, I have very credible sources regarding your activities, so watch out! The shopping excursion will begin soon, now that Sleeping Beauty is awake…and I can pretty much rule out a trip to the gym today, given the number of stops this chauffeur will have to make…but that’s your big sis for ya…joke lang! The PBC’s are on the list (although I’m not sure if we’ll find any of the white chocolate variety…they might be seasonal). Just remember not to fight over them with the “family dentist” in Rosario… 😉

  8. Thanks for dropping by, lang. I’m sure the EB was fun, huhu, missed it again… Next time i really hope i’d make it. I also linked you up. 🙂

  9. Rav says “clarify & pacify” the EB reference…huhu. The shopping excursion took longer than expected, owing mostly to the late start and your sister’s famous indecisiveness (and I thought I was bad). So the sistahs have to take over for me, since I have to go to work. However, mission accomplished on one front…I cannot provide full information at this time, given the “sensitive” nature of the mission. Let’s just say that you should be on your best behavior, at least until after Rav’s return visit. 😉

  10. Rav, the EB refers to the dinner of my cyber-mommy friends which I missed because I was sick.. and uhm, i was talking to Purpleheadd… oki.
    🙂 smile, i’m a good girl, see 🙂 I keep smiling 🙂 gotta win you (and the PBCs) back.. hehe. 🙂
    Tifo, if you’re referring to finding the rare species of PBCs, please tell me. My hubby is willing to pay any amount, seriously. He is beyond addicted to the white PBCs.
    Serious ateng Rav, buy mo daw sya please ng madami, what you are able to carry. and he will pay you. 🙂

  11. Chats, I passed on the 4-1-1 to Rav re rare PBC species…I can neither confirm nor deny the existence/acquisition of said rare commodity, but let’s just say that you’re in the ballpark…and, hopefully, Rav and your husband can negotiate a nutually agreeable price…am I beginning to sound like a lawyer? ;-P

  12. chocolates do not do good for tonsillitis, they say, but for me and most of us – they are a cure for almost everything, including low spirits. they are our simple joys, don’t you think so? and the 2 lbs lost out of the illness is a welcome delight. hope you are much better now.

  13. Hi Tifosodibirra! (whew, you got a long name) I was able to get an indirect confirmation from Rav about the sighting of the rare white species. hehe Heard she went out to hunt for more with the Biker Chick. 😉

    Thank you, (fellow) sexy mom (hehe), for dropping by. I am now feeling better!

  14. I’m sorry to hear about your tonsillitis. Hope you’ll get well soon. I’m sure it’s been tough on you to be away from those tempting white PBCs. I remember you mentioned them before and I’m glad you got them already.

    Thanks for sharing those inspiring words about happiness. I love the message.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  15. So much for keeping any secrets from you, Chats! Well, I can take comfort in knowing that, in some small way, I will be contributing to one aspect of your continued happiness, not to mention the re-acquisition of those 2 pounds you lost…be sure the hubby has his checkbook ready, because the PBC’s will be coming with a huge price tag, courtesy of Rav. 🙂

  16. hello chateau!

    I love this post of yours! You can’t find happines but you can make it.

    By the way, I had a chance to stroll down and read your old posts. You have beautiful children!

  17. Hey Tifo! Saw the rare white species last night in the flesh,hehe, via YM. Even Rav’s net conekment went crazy and conked out everytime the PBCs come in focus! LOL

    Rach, thanks for stopping by. I’m now much better, but really busy as ever so haven’t got time to post new entries. The book Simple Abundance is really wonderful!

    Hi Belle. Your girls are soooo lovable too, and quite talented ha! 🙂 May future si Stephanie sa showbiz! 🙂

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