Sick YM!

My YM is infected!!

Early this evening, I got a message on Yahoo Messenger from my niece with a link telling me about some cool pics I’ve just got to see. Because my niece is fond of sending me links to funny videos, I clicked on the link. Page did not load at first so I clicked again. Then again. And again. The server must be busy, I thought. So I minimized the window and got back to what I was doing (blog hopping, what else! :D).Then something funny happened, really fast. An IM window popped, with that same link message. My contact list popped up, a “send to all” (or something to that effect) box ticked. What the H was happening??? I was sending the G.D@#n link to all my contacts!! Good thing an online friend was, of course, online, 🙂 and she warned me my YM might be infected.

So sorry to all my contacts who got the link. Please don’t click on it. And please understand it’s not me sending the message. The virus/malware/whatever-it-is got super-powers – sends itself automatically and periodically to all my contacts! Aaaaarrrrgggh!!! So annoying.

I immediately scanned by PC with AVG – did not detect any bugs. So now I’m doing a web scan. **waiting mode**

Help needed please! Calling all the techno-savvy people out there. How do I deal with this bug?

4 thoughts on “Sick YM!

  1. We got the virus here in the office as well. They used BitDefender here to get rid of it. There’s a free version as well.

    To answer your starbucks question, it’s 21 stickers. No need to purchase merchandise. It lasts till Jan 31 but I suggest getting it before December since planner starts December 2006 till December 2007.

  2. Thanks for that info. Viruses are becoming more and more tricky … they seem to be self generating and has learned to attack your contacts as well. I’ll be more careful with links sent to my YM. Hope you find a solution to it soon. Sorry can’t be of any help.


  3. Thanks for your inputs. I didn’t use my YM for several days. Now it’s okay ( i hope!). I went to Spybot, it was very helpful!

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