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A few months ago, I blogged about having claimed my Php10,000-worth of gift certificates from Shu Uemura. Back in December, I joined an online rafflle promo of Visa and I was one of the lucky consolation prize winners! So I finally was able to get my Shu Uemura beauty loot.
shu uemura beauty loot mascara

After the Expo Mom event at Rockwell on Mother’s Day, I was finally able to use the GCs at the Shu Uemura Boutique. Accompanied by Julie, I splurged all 10k!

I decided to get skin care products because I rarely wear makeup. Besides, it’s good investment for the future.

So how far did the 10K worth of GCs get me? Here is my Shu Uemura beauty loot.

shu uemura beauty loot white recovery EX

I got myself a night cream, an eye cream (both from the Ace Beta-glucans Line), a whitening emulsion (for day use) and a mascara. I also got my sis a lip gloss for her birthday.

I wanted to get an eyelash curler and a cheek blusher but my GCs just couldn’t carry me that far, hahaha. I had to shell out a few hundred pesos, though I’m not complaining. I am perfectly happy with my new Shu Uemura beauty loot. 😀


Update: So how did the whitening emulsion work? It did wonders for my skin in making its tone even and lighter. I do not, so much, want whiter skin. I am already fair skinned. What I wanted was to brighten up my complexion and even out the skin tone, as some parts of my forehead were darker than the rest of my face. The Shu Uemura White Recovery EX emulsion did just that. It evened out my complexion, lightened my skin so that it’s not dull anymore. Instead I have a beautiful glow. As you can see, I am happy with it. 😀

Shu Uemura beauty loot review of white recovery line imom

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  1. Ganda! The Php 10,000 worth of Shu gifts are so worth it! 🙂 Please tell me more about Shus. I don’t really use makeup kasi maarte itong mukha kong ito at hypo lang ang gusto nya lol. 🙂

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