Shell FuelSave Driving Challenge for Mommy Bloggers

Last month, I took part in one of the most interesting and funnest blogger events I’ve been to in a while. Shell Philippines gathered 8 driver moms (tsupernanays!) for a challenge not too unusual from what we actually do on a daily basis. We did the Shell FuelSave Driving Challenge!

Shell FuelSave Driving Challenge for Mommy Bloggers(Photo courtesy of Shell Philippines)

The challenge: To plan an 8th birthday party for 10 kids with all the works – food, cake, games, prizes, favors, decor. We had to drive to these places: Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt area, and The Powerplant Mall.

The budget: Php3000.00

The time limit: 2.5 hours

The ride: a sleek Ford Fiesta Sports Plus hatchback (we got the hot Chili Orange unit!)

The goal of the Shell FuelSave driving challenge is to test how efficient the mommy drivers were with regard to route planning (which route saved more time?), driving (who saved the most gas?), and of course, budgeting (how far can we stretch the budget??).

At the end of the challenge, the team that topped in terms of fuel, time and cash savings + creativity wins. The bottom line is savings.

Shell FuelSave Driving Challenge. Team C!

Go, Team C – COOKIE AND CHATS! (Photo courtesy of Shell Philippines) 

We were divided into teams of 2, and I was paired with in-real-life friend and mommy blogger Cookie a.k.a. President Mama. Aptly, we were Team C – Chats, Cookie and the Chili Orange Fiesta!

Cookie was the designated driver while I held the budget envelope. We decided that the kiddie party was going to have an artsy-craftsy theme because Chloe (our imaginary daughter) had an artistic flair. It was only proper for the only game in the party to be a banner making contest! The winning banner, of course, will be used as the birthday banner during the party! That just saved us a lot of money. Our strategy was simple: shop quickly and spend as little as we can! (It can’t be helped – we both have Ilocano blood running in our veins. 😛 )

Shell FuelSave Driving Challenge Ford Fiesta in Chili Orange

Zoom goes the Chili! (Photo courtesy of Shell Philippines)

We were doing well until we got to our second stop, Greenbelt, around lunch time which, of course, presented the problem of parking. We circled around and around the parking floors until we got lucky and found a slot.

Anyway, after 2.5 hours (or so) of weaving our way through Makati and Bonifacio Global City, we finally made it back to base! And here is what we came up with for the imaginary daughter Chloe’s 8th birthday-

Shell FuelSave Driving Challenge Mommy Bloggers edition
Cake: P395. Party food: P1050. Prizes: ~P300. Favors: ~P400. Decor and materials for games: ~P350. Our total spend was…. (drum roll)…. Php 2503!

Unfortunately, because of the difficulty with parking at Greenbelt and some traffic we encountered at Jupiter Street on the way to Powerplant Mall, Team C got a low score in fuel efficiency.

We ended up at 3rd place in the Shell FuelSave Driving Challenge, which actually isn’t so bad. Cookie and I are pretty proud of ourselves, as the other mommy teams are too, I’m sure. If ever one of our kids decide to pull one on us, we now know we’d be able to whip up a short-notice kiddie party in a few hours! And on a budget the husbands will love! 😛

Here’s a video of the Shell FuelSave Driving Challenge for mommy bloggers put together by Shell Philippines –

Fuel Efficiency

Shell FuelSave organized this event in order to support its campaign, Target One Million – a global initiative which targets one million individuals to commit to driving efficiently and saving fuel.

Mommy drivers like myself can contribute a lot to this campaign. We’re the ones who drive the kids to school, do the grocery and shopping rounds, and practically all home errands that require driving. If you’re like me who has kids from all age groups – I have a teen, a tween and a pre-schooler – you are also most probably a dispatcher/event planner. As mommy drivers, we need to learn how to drive efficiently.

The Pinoy driver and fuel efficiency

The next two photos show data from a research on the driving habits of more than 8,000 European and Asian motorists. Filipinos were among the respondents. Eight out of 10 Pinoy drivers say they have changed the way the drive to reduce fuel usage; almost all agree that fuel efficiency is an important way to save money.

Shell FuelSave Driving Challenge fuel efficiency survey

So what are the top fuel saving tips according to Pinoys?

79% said: avoid over-revving.

56% said: Reduce speed.

53 % said: Drive smoothly.

30% said: Use the top gear.

25% said: Avoid excessive idling.

Shell FuelSave Driving Challege Target One Million project

In addition to the above, here’s my own list of fuel saving tips (which I blogged about, by the way, here some time ago):

1. Keep the car in good shape – includes regular maintenance (oil change and tune-up).

2. Check tire inflation regularly. ( I do this every time I gas up.) A tire that is just 10% under-inflated will reduce fuel efficiency.

3. Offload unnecessary baggage.

4. Plan your trips! (We live quite far from the kids’ school so I make sure our trips and routes are planned. Unnecessary trips will cost us a lot of gas and time.)

Join Target One Million!

When it comes to awareness on fuel efficiency, I think most Pinoys are highly aware. It all boils down, however, to putting into practice what we already know.

That is why Shell FuelSave enjoins us to sign up and join Target One Million, an interactive site where users learn how to be efficient drivers by playing online games. Practice makes perfect, and what better way to practice fuel-saving habits than through online interactive games. After playing one challenge, the site will offer tips to improve efficient driving.

Sign up for Target One Million here.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me – what are your fuel saving tips?

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