Share Your Time Management Tips and Win a Watch! (UPDATED)


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1. Louann

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3. Shiela

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It’s back-to-school time once again.

And for most parents with school-age children, this means back to the daily grind.

I have three children – two of them are in grade school, and the youngest will be going to pre-school in a year. I must admit that, during the school year, my days are filled with them.

Mornings start early when the alarm clock yanks us out of blissful sleep at 5:25 AM. We’re all half-awake as the two girls get changed, and I pretend to ‘supervise’ them. 😛

I usually bring them to school (which is about 14, 15 kilometers from home), and go back to get them in the afternoon. Oh, but there’s Chinese tutorials for V after school, so that’s an extra hour (or two, when she’s having a difficult day) before we start on the road going home.

In between the ‘bringing’ and the ‘fetching’, I’m either at National Bookstore (buying supplies that one of the girls will suddenly need the next day), preparing sample drills for V (if she has tests coming up), or online of course (but that’s often not school-related, hehehe).

We usually get home by 6 PM, or if we’re lucky with traffic by 5. The kids and I rest a bit, before hitting the books again. Dinner time. Bath time. More studying. Finally, bedtime at 9 PM.

Repeat process x 10 months.

Schooling these days have become more and more demanding. So much so that parents and children just got to take control of their time in order to do everything that needs to be done.

  • For the most part, I make sure we have a routine, and try to stick to it as much as possible. We follow a schedule –  the kids know that at a certain time, we study, or we rest, or we go to bed. The part of the routine that they look forward to is Friday nights –  it’s when they break their TV-fast! 😀
  • It also helps that Patch now studies by herself independently. She has been on her own since Grade 3, which is a huge relief on my part. My goal for each one of my kids is that, in the long run, they will be able to study by themselves independently, at an early age as possible. One down, two to go.
  • Sample drills are prepared ahead of time so that I don’t waste time making them during study time. There are a lot of online sites that provide worksheets free of charge! Just download and print. 😉
  • Husband also helps with the tutoring, especially in Chinese (naturally) and Math (because I don’t want my kids to fail that, haha). Yep, it’s a family effort, not just mom’s.
  • TV is a non-negotiable no-no during weekdays. My daughters are allowed to watch TV onwards from Friday night to Sunday morning. It’s their reward for sticking to the rules and for being such great kids during the rest of the week, I tell them. 🙂

How about you? How do you manage your and your kids’ time during school days? What time management techniques do you teach or try to teach your children?

Let’s help each other out. Share your tips and anecdotes here by leaving a comment. And… And!

And, as a bonus, I am giving out one Kids Watch Central watch to each of the top three commenters who give the most unique and interesting answers.

The following are the contest mechanics:

  • I will accept answers until July 21. Just leave a comment below. You don’t have to be a blogger – just a parent with a thing or two to share. 🙂
  • Winners can only win once. If you have won in the other blogs also hosting this same contest, your winning will be forfeited. However, that should not stop you from joining the contest here even if you he already joined in the others. 😀
  • Winners may claim their prizes at GeiserMaclang c/o Arbee Panga at Unit 7D Tuscan Building, 114 V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.
  • Winners from outside Metro Manila will have their prize sent to them via courier.


Kids Watch Central Watches are fun character timepieces that will surely delight your child, while teaching him/her the value of time.

11 thoughts on “Share Your Time Management Tips and Win a Watch! (UPDATED)

  1. Hi Chats, this is an interesting post and contest too…How do I manage home schooling my four kids and handling a business plus having time to play Farm Town, hmmm…
    Every morning after breakfast, we sit around our round table cum study table and study their lessons. After each lessons, they have to answer the book’s exercises. If they didn’t get it right, they have to go back to the lesson until they have mastered it. After 3 hours of study (with in-between breaks), they’re free to surf the net or watch Disney Channel or Cartoon Network while I do my rounds in our shops, make calls, check on our staff, check my mails and do Farm Town, of course, he he. We have extra time now compared to last year when they’re on regular school. Now, there’s no more fetching to and from school, dealing with traffic or buying school stuff.
    Bath time is by mid afternoon after they play or bike around.  Dinner is at 8pm. Lights out at 9:30pm. This is our daily schedule. Weekends are free time also.
    By the way, I would love to have the Kids Watch Central watch, he he….

  2. One of the most important thing I learned from my parents is the Vaue of Time. I proud to say I’m always been a recipient of “Most Prompt/Punctual Student/ Employee”… lols. this is also one of my kids’ achivements as well…
    And now I’m a SAHM to my 5 and 7y/o kids, my hubby is an OFW. I don’t have yaya/ maid or driver.. Everything should be organized. I always tell my kids that if you don’t know the importance of time, you won’t accomplish anything. . At an early age, I teach them to appreciate and enjoy time as well.
    At home, we are so busy, yet enjoying doing our own assigned responsbilities/tasks… Weekdays, from school, as soon as they get home, they have a 15 minute rest. Then, a hour and 30 mins. to do and finish all their assignments. Then snacks for 30 mins., and an hour of playtime/ watching tv etc… Then finally do their assigned chore/s.
    Every Friday, we always have a family meeting, to set a schedule for the coming week… We plan, organize and place it in our family calendar. Every activity/ event that we need to attend to, my kids knows how to prepare beforehand. Being Late is not an excuse… Being On time will give you an edge…
    Every second is so precious for us. I can say that we truly accomplish a lot with the daily time schedule we follow

  3. I got excited about this topic because I can totally relate!
    Well, for one, I totally must say that having a routine is the key. In the beginning, it may be a bit difficult but once everyone gets used to it, things start to happen naturally. My 7 year old knows what to do when he gets up and is ready for the school bus by 730. I am trying to do the same with my 3 year old. While my 4month old is also slowly getting into the groove. I also try my best to go to sleep as soon as the 3 kids are asleep already. On weekdays, 10 is the max time I am awake. I am blessed to have a “good sleeper” baby. Also, to cut off early morning feeding (i.e., mixing a bottle of milk), I breastfeed. That way, I can get more sleep thus wake up early the next day. I also constantly remind my househelps about what I expect from them everyday so that they also follow a routine. I also cook more than enough for dinner so that we heat left overs for lunch, that way we cut on time spent preparing food when I come home for lunch from work. I get home between 6-7. I do study time with my 7 year old first before we eat by around 730-8.
    Very tiring. But all worth it!

  4. Hi Wenchie! You are indeed a super mommy for being able to manage home-schooling all 4 kids and a business (and a farm too, hehe). It takes great time management, and i’m sure your kids are learning that well from you.

  5. Hi Suzanne! Thank you for joining this contest.

    I like the weekly family meeting idea. My hats off to you for single-handedly raising your kids.

  6. Hi Louann! Thanks for joining the contest! For working moms, the task of time management is harder.

    It takes so much discipline for parents to go to bed at the same time as their kids do ha. That’s my struggle hehe, I stay up too late often. But on tired days, I’m zonked out with them.

    My kids’ and hub’s baon is also our lunch at home na, yup saves time and gas 😀

  7. Being a 24/7 mom is a tough job. I’m a single mom to a 7y/o laovely daughter. I work as a Call Cente Agent, My schedule is always in graveyard shift, 9pm-6am. I usually get home by 7am.
    As soon as I arrive home my daughter is waiting for me at the living room, we chat while we prepare breakfast. Then, her chore is to wash dishes, then I would take a nap for about 2 hours. By 1030am, will start preparing for her school baon, then check her school stuff etc.. As her schedule is from 12nn-5pm. As soon as her school bus fetch her, I would cook food for our dinner and lunch the next day… Then will have some shut eye for few hours.
    6pm, she would arrive from school, take some rest for about 30mins. then start doing her school projects/ asignments etc… And would assist her if needed.
    By 730pm, we will eat dinner together. This is also the time my sister will be coming over for the night (always :D), to sleep with my daughter. Then by 8:15, I would prepare for my work…
    Weekends, it’s my rest days :D..We already have plans on what things we’ll do for our Bonding Time!! We would go shopping/ grocery, watch a movie, eat out. Or just simply stay home, do some house cleaning, have some food delivery, sleep, sleep, sleep 😀
    That is our usual routine everyday… We totally enjoy each other’s time, as we help and designate each other’s tasks. We would organize and plan everything out. We talk it out, so that there will be Time Wastage 😀 
    All I can say that we accomplish somehow the things we planned. It really takes discipline. Strong mind and body to achieve Time Management… Our motto ‘ BAWAL MAGKASAKIT, KAPAG NAGKASAKIT, LAHAT DAMAY, PATI ANG ORAS…”

  8. I always tell my children that time is something you can spend but never get back, so what you have you must spend wisely.
    I think that my eldest son (he’s 8 ) has taken this too seriously though, because now he doesn’t want to go to sleep. He feels that time’s is wasted when he’s not doing anything and simply sleeping. I had to explain that he needs to sleep so he will grow properly. At least I know wasting time isn’t something he’s likely to do any time soon. 🙂

  9. We value our time seriously yet fun manner :DI started training my daughter at age 3, now she’s 8 y/o. I first teach her how to read time.. like if the “long hand points to 12 it’s o’clock, and the short hand points to 5> it’s 5 o’clock…” And i also taught her how to set an alarm, as a reminder…Like when it’s time to wake up, it will alarm at 8am, time for bathe, it’ll alarm at 930am, etc.. we  followed time table, so that both of us will remember.. :DIt has been her practise over years until she reaches kinder level, abt 5 y/o, she learns how to read time alraedy…Presently, at age 8 she sets her own time. She organize her schedule. She has her own organizer/ diary.. then ofcourse will check it too.. lolsI always tell her you’re responsible with your time. So you have to set priorities and never waste time.. but ofcourse, as parents we are there to guide them. But as I can see she will be successful… as she manages her own time 😀

  10. Even if I had learned Time and Motion studies, worked as a Planner, handled Time Systems and databases, I had never been an early bird. Still, I work with great results, because I can handle my own body clock.
    Family time management is a different scenario. In between working, being a mom and a wife, I never miss spending quality time with my family. At home, we simply follow a simple rule and that is to follow the system of eating together on time, a few hours of play time or watching TV, and a few hours of learning and some other free time. I may not be too strict in setting exact time schedules, because I know I could not handle their time when they are old enough and as early as now, I want my kids to grow up being responsible of their actions too. The most I can do now that the kids are in their preschool years is to remind them how to value their time, what they would miss and what the consequences are. My daughter needs to be at school by 7:30 and since she doesn’t want to miss the “play time minutes”, she’s trying and learning not to be late; whereas my little son doesn’t want to keep the school bus waiting.
    These are just simple scenarios, but through this, my kids are starting to be disciplined when it comes to time values. Through my kids and my husband, I am also changing my body clock and what I have been used to.

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