Seminar on Google SEO Secrets

Are you into web development and web content writing? Is site traffic an important consideration for you? How do you write articles that are easily searchable, with good ranking in search pages?

The point of writing something online is so that others can find it, read it and learn from it. Well, at least for me, this is the point. Otherwise, you don’t share something to the whole world via the worldwide web if you’d rather keep it to yourself.

As I was saying… The point of sharing something online is so that other people can read it and learn something of value to them. However, if the article is not searchable, the purpose is defeated.

Being visible online – mostly by being searchable by Google, the leading search engine – is vital especially for businesses that rely on web marketing.

This is where¬†search engine optimization comes in. I’ve been blogging for over three years now, but I can’t say I’ve really mastered the “art” of SEO.

On August 25 and 26, SEO masters are coming to Manila to conduct a seminar entitled “Google Insider Secrets to Search Engine Optimization“.

Featured speakers are:

Simon Leung, an Optimization Specialist who used to be with Google; and Fabian Lim, an SEO expert and also Director of Click Media.

Some of the topics these two SEO experts will speak on are:

  • The fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization
  • The importance of being visible to Google
  • Golden keywords to increase traffic to your site (woot! I need this golden knowledge)
  • The importance of knowing your competitor’s activities
  • How to prepare a Search Engine Domination plan

During the seminar, world-class SEO case studies will also be shared. I’m sure attendees will learn a lot from these case studies.

Who should attend this seminar? Those who are involved in web development, web marketing, online web content should go to this seminar. Professional bloggers or those who aspire to be pro-bloggers should also go to this seminar.

The Google Insider Secrets to Search engine Optimization will be held on August 25 and 26, from 8:30 am to 5:30 PM at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila. For inquiries and more information, visit

2 thoughts on “Seminar on Google SEO Secrets

  1. If the venue is just here am sure would love to attend the event. This is one of the things i wanna learn – the art of SEO. I still dunno a thing about that though ive been blogging for a couple of years already.

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