Second-hand car maintenance

Not so long ago, I posted here that my growing family was on a hunt for a bigger car.

We finally got a van several months ago. We bought it second-hand from a friend’s friend, who eventually became a friend…

Anyway, we are quite happy with the van because it had very low mileage for its age. But after using it for a couple of months, I began hearing some creaky sounds from underneath. I had it checked and several parts were replaced, including the shock absorbers and the ball bearings (same as thrust bearings?).

The scariest part that can get broken in an automatic-transmission vehicle (aside from the engine, of course) is the transmission box. That broke down in my previous 11-year-old car. We had the transmission replaced with a surplus unit. Luckily, the unit was in good condition because my car was in great shape when we let it go to make way for the van.

How to prevent the transmission from breaking? The mechanics advised us to watch the transmission fluid level, especially in older cars.

After purchasing a second-hand car, it’s best to have it thoroughly checked to spare you from the inconvenience of sudden breakdowns.

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