Say “Aaaaargh”

It’s great to finally have my PC and internet access back! *crossing fingers, toes and eyes*

The past weeks have been a challenge – the reason why this blog has been silent for a long while.

Two weeks ago, MyDestiny (my ISP) conked out on me. It took a while for the tech crew to figure out the problem. The crew had already returned twice to my house by the time the figured it was the modem. And since the incident happened on a weekend, I had to wait for Monday for them to replace/repair it.

Almost immediately after the modem incident, it was the ol’ PC’s turn to conk out. It wouldn’t boot- just kept on looping over and over at the startup window. Windows OS had to be re-installed. Though few of my files were saved, huhuhu, I am glad the My Pictures folder was recovered intact. So, yehey for that.

Lesson learned: keep important documents in another local drive aside from C:\ (such as drive D:\), because malfunctions almost always involve drive C:\ where the program and system files are. Thanks to dear friend Annamanila, who referred me to her office’s tech guy.

Guess what came next? A malware! An adware.exe file would just keep appearing in my C:\ drive. It wouldn’t go away no matter how many times I deleted it. The malware caused my PC to shutdown every 15 minutes or so. I had to download two anti-virus softwares (freeware of course) – Kaspersky‘s 30-day trial version, and Lavasoft‘s Ad-Aware Free. I am hoping they work better than the one I was using when the infections happened (Avast).

In between all these, I found out that my married helper was fooling around with one of the carpenters in the construction project next door. Uhuh, the much-feared “Kontraction Worker” syndrome. I could not condone her deeds, so I had to let her go. I don’t even want to think of what goes on while I am away from the house all day long. OMG. She really had to go.

So for over a week now, I’ve been juggling between cooking, house-cleaning, driving the kids, and tutoring. Thank God for MagNate’s yaya who does not mind helping out with the chores when Nate’s asleep. She truly is a blessing.

And, oh yeah, the Father-in-law has this terrible back pain. Guess who has to bring him to the chiropractor every week? (Pampalubag-loob that the Chiropractor is such a cutie, hehe. And he’s good too. Really, if you need a Chiropractor around Metro Manila, leave a comment).

And, oh oh yeah, my dad, too, decided to pay a visit. A week-long one.

So there – the lengthy excuses for not being able to blog, blog-hop, and do the tags.

May I now please say “Aaaaaaaarrrgghh!” ?

8 thoughts on “Say “Aaaaargh”

  1. argh! ang dami ngang excuses. 🙂 but am glad everything’s a-ok now. welcome back to the blogging world, Chats. (naks, welcome na naman?)

    am subscribed to My Destiny here at home too and cross fingers it won’t give me headaches. what modem are you using? is it the black Motorola? then if it is, at least I am forewarned.

    Hi Feng! Yes, my modem is the black Motorola Surfboard one. Actually, almost 4 years na rin yung modem na yun, so it was probably the end of its life hehe. In fairness, i think Mydestiny’s service is really good compared to the other ISPs. Di ba, text lang sa Customer Service, maya-maya may tatawag na. Of course, nothing beats the internet speed!

  2. ok lang yan, andito ka na, and that’s all that matters. 😀

    adware? hmm.. if my memory serves me right, parang yan din ang dahilan kaya nagloko ang pc ko months ago, and i was gone for almost a month. we stopped going to limewire … and so far so good. kaka-miss nga lang ang mga downloads.

    Hi Cess! I remember that time you went offline too. Nakakaloka si adware no? My PC seems okay naman now. What I do with limewire downloads is scan them first before opening, delete if infected.

  3. No wonder you’ve been missing. Sorry ha, got lost somewhere between C:/ and malware..mahina talaga ako sa mga tech terms. When things ko kaput on me I just call my friendly neighborhood tech guy and leave everything to him. Can’t really tell if ginogoyong na ako but so far everything has been working naman.

    Naku naman, sumabay pa si Inday and the Kontraktion Worker. Good thing you let her go. Things like that don’t really have a way of fixing themselves. At least not for your sake.

    Happy to have you back and see you Thursday 🙂

    Hi Cookie! I really hope to make it on Thursday… I’ve often laughed at how helpers say “kontraktion worker” (I need to correct my spelling hehe). Lahat sila talaga ganun ang bigkas (well, many of them).. Pero this incident – hindi nakakatawa.

  4. Naku, wala din ako alam sa mga drive na yan at bla-bla ware, bahala na si Batman, I mean si hubby. 🙂

    Hope your FIL is ok and relax, take a deep breath baka mamuti lahat ng hair mo, harhar, like what is slowly happening to me. Aaaargh!

  5. Mabuhay you’re back 🙂 welcome.. sorry to hear about the mishaps.. i have to check on that adware. i think the last time i did a scan on the computer i got the same warning. thanks for the tip.

  6. hi chats! glad you’re back… i guess i can say that these things happen, he he. i’ve had problems with the server and the pc, too. and with maids who fell for the charms of “kontraktion” workers…

    have a great day!

  7. Nightmare scenario naman yan with your net and PC.

    You should install spybot, too. It’s a freeware. Actually I use a lot of freeware, AdWare and AVG anti-virus. So far naman di pa ko na-victimise.

    And you should think about buying an external hard drive to backup your PC. I should do the same but I’m waiting for a good time, as in kung magkaroon nang extra dough hek hek

    Ikaw ha cutie chiro 😛

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