Saturday Photo Hunt: Tiny

Today’s theme is tiny.


When I think tiny, I think of VGood, my 6-year old daughter. She was born extremely tiny at 1.9 kilograms ( or a little over 4 pounds). When I first saw her, I could not help but cry in awe. Here she was, very tiny, probably a bit oxygen-deprived because of the pre-eclampsia I suffered during pregnancy. Yet she was healthy and strong as the doctors assured us. I love this photo because she was staring back at me as if to say “I’m here now, and I’m okay. Worry no more.”

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24 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: Tiny

  1. Whatever it was she couldn’t tell you at that time, she conveyed through her eyes. This is photo is very touching, Chats. Whoever took this pic, galeng ng timing! 🙂

  2. Hi Chats. This is a very beautiful picture. VGood’s expression is priceless. Yes, her eyes somehow convey a message letting you know that everything’s fine. Thanks for sharing this precious moment.

  3. Aaaaw, what a cute picture! Love the contrast and the way she was just staring right back at you.
    I love Mother and Child pictures and yours is one for the books!

  4. The page took so long to load that I thought the pictures are too tiny to be seen. But it was worth the wait … delightful! My goodness, how Vgood stares at you with that intelligent, (almost) weary look. I just love this photo, Chats.

  5. Beautiful pic, Chats! She definitely has Mom’s eyes (and, nowadays, Mom’s beautiful smile)…

    Hey, Tifo! Where hath thou been? Doth thou knoweth there is a post hither dedicated unto ye? 😀 Missed you!

  6. Hey, Chats! I’ve been around…just not bloggin’. Just needed an excuse to get back on-line, and what better way than to check out your blog…fine work, as always. BTW, I am unaware of said post…is it the one about the Big House?

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