Saturday Photo Hunt: Sweet dementia

It’s been a while since I joined’s Saturday Photo Hunt. This week’s theme is SWEET. I’m posting a predictable photo. 😀

Meet Dementia

Dementia is, surprise of all surprises, from a hospital cafeteria.

I met Dementia in that cozy lounge at the 4th floor of Tower II at The Medical City. I got the chance to have lunch there after a bloggers’ tour of TMC’s Women’s Health Care Center.

Dementia was highly recommended to our group by the waiter, saying “mababaliw kayo (you will go crazy)”. So I went ahead and indulged.

It may appear extremely sweet, by the upper layer of chocolate ice cream balances the sweetness of the chocolate fudge base and the creamy filling. Nevertheless, I found the slice too huge to finish by myself so I had to share it with another person. But yes, it is worthy of its name-forgetting claim.

In other news, chocolate in its pure form – as in cacao-pure form – may actually be a very potent testosterone booster. Hmmm…. See, boys? Chocolates aren’t just for women. In fact, if boys had more chocolate, women may not need to eat chocolates to make them happy anymore. *naughty smirk* 😛

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