Saturday Photo Hunt: Soft

I have been trying to upload these two photos unsuccessfully since this morning (local time).
Finally, I settled with uploading them through Picasa.

Update 1: Tried Flickr. Let’s see if it works. But on draft/preview mode, I still don’t see them!!! *at wits’ end*

Update 2 ( 7:25 AM, 2/26/07): I tried uploading different photos from the same album. Whad’ya know, it worked!!?? Finally! There, enjoy viewing my dear Magnate’s early photos. (But I am still puzzled: WHY won’t the 1st set of photos upload?? )


What can be softer than a newborn’s skin?

The MagNate’s feet at 3 weeks old – soft and fragile

His soft and cuddly cheeks at 2 months

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: Soft

  1. sorry but the photos can’t be viewed. try to edit post/upload pictures by another browser. i have had the same problems before with explorer and mozilla, now i used my aol browser. goodluck!

  2. i can’t see the pics either! i bet those are adorable photos! i love newborn cheeks, toes, hands, everything!!!

  3. Sorry I couldn’t see the photos. I’m sure they are lovely pictures. Maybe you can upload them again or something.

    Thank you for visiting my photo hunt. You’re right, Baguio is a perfect place this summer.

  4. I think the problem has something to do with Blog This leaving the pictures with the “local host” in the name. Then they show up on your computer for a while but go away. It is intermittent and I just had to use the picture posting button with Blogger to load mine. Annoying.

    Cats and babies are going to be crowned the leading “softies” today! And as well they should be.

  5. I’m sorry folks! It’s been so frustrating fixing the problem. I worked on it since morning, until i finally let up last night. Argh.. I might try Photobucket. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Hi Chateau. I finally see the photos. Glad you were able to fix the problem. Great photos of Magnate. Thanks for sharing these treasured moments.

  7. Hi Rach! Thanks for coming back to see my Photo Hunt 🙂

    Kids grow up so fast, but he still has the softest skin! For a while though, he had lots of patchy rashes all over. Now that he is on soy-based formula, the rashes have cleared up.

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