Saturday Photo Hunt: Shadow(s)

Today’s theme is shadow(s)

El Kabayo Riding Stables, Subic, Zambales, Philippines

Two weeks ago, my family went to Subic for some much needed rest and relaxation. El Kabayo is one of my favorite places in Subic because of the lush sceneries, beautiful wide-open spaces and because my family loves to ride horses. I love this photo. I love how those big acacia trees created some sort of a tunnel of shadows where horses and tired riders alike can retreat from the heat.

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30 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: Shadow(s)

  1. looks so peaceful … too bad we didn’t have the chance to visit El Kabayo last summer.

    thanks for dropping by!
    enjoy your weekend, and happy hunting! 🙂

  2. Nice picture! You had a rollicking, galloping time ha? Did u ride the horses?

    Horses are such beautiful creaturs di ba … so graceful and strong .. just don’t look at them in the mouth. 🙂

  3. Ayaw lumabas ang Picture hunt mo … sobra kaya bigat?

    I don’t know, it’s already been resized smaller. Did you finally get to see it?

  4. i have been around the phils a bit but i haven’t been to subic! and to think un pa ung pinakamalapit =D. great pic. love being one with nature

  5. So this is where you had a family outing huh? Very nice. I love the photo. The view looks so serene. And horse-riding family pala kayo. I would love to learn how to properly ride one.

    Nice shadows!!!

    I didnt know you did Photo hunt too. And multiply as well? I’ll view your links then.

  6. it’s almost as if this shot has an angled gradient.. how it gradually gets darker from that top right corner all the way to the bottom left corner.. it’s a pretty neat shot. 🙂 and i love the colors too.

  7. And I thought you’d feature my shadow for this week’s photo hunt. Hehe. The place looks very tranquil. I bet it’s nice to live in a place like this. Far from the madding crowd.

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