Saturday Photo Hunt: Curved

UPDATE: So. This post is so last week. This was the theme LAST week! Thanks, witsandnuts, for pointing that out to me. This is one huge senior moment. πŸ˜€

Today’s theme on Photo Hunters is Curved.

There was a time when my kids and I were so enthralled with our then-newly installed fishtank and its inhabitants. For a while I, a fishirazzi, stalked with my camera and shot incessantly at them.

I don’t think fish will ever get used to living in an aquarium – Β the moment they see me hovering close by with that silver clicking thing, they’d all swim away, and take cover under leaves or logs. When I finally got the settings on my camera right, I was able to capture their fluid albeit fast movements.

The white-and-orange shubunkin with its curved tail fin was one of my favorites. Unfortunately it has since passed away. The orange shoobie on the right, though, is still alive and kicking swimming up to this very day.


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: Curved

  1. I also love fishes too. Before we had a lot of tanks but now, we only have one. When my baby grows older, we will definitely setup all the tanks again.

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