Saturday Photo Hunt: Colorful


This week’s theme is colorful.

My mama has a beautiful garden in our Baguio home. When the flowers are in full bloom, it is a colorful and refreshing sight to behold. She and dad love to spend hours and hours with their plants – watering, weeding, pruning, tinkering, transplanting (you’d think they were MDs!), whispering even. Gardening provides them much entertainment and fulfillment. When we get visitors, they would boast: how they propagated so many Vanda orchids from a single bulb they got in Davao…

“how big and beautiful the Vandas are!”… “Oh, they bloom so often, and they stay alive so long”….

“And those anthuriums? It took us years to propagate them…”

“Ah… This one, the Grandma Rose (and a long narrative ensues)…”

It could go on and on and on. Green thumbs they are indeed.

Vanda orchids

Vine with pale blue, almost lavender flowers crawling all over the trellis

Sunflowers! Must be Baguio’s official flower. But this one is not the “marapait” kind that grows like grass on every hillside in Baguio. This one’s seeds came from the US (sosy!). They are HUGE – as in huge flowers, and tall plants.

Poinsettia, the Christmas plant, usually blooms during the cooler months from November to February

This one I’m not sure what is (neither is mom). A cousin gave mom some bulbs, which she tossed into the backyard (like Jack did the beans)… Now the stalks of this prolific plant dominate a spot in the yard, with the tallest stalk reaching up to 10 feet!

Bromeliad, in pink and blue

Bromeliad, in red and green


Purple anthurium

Red anthurium

Grandma Rose is what our clan calls this plant. Originally planted in California by my grandma (Dad’s mom) from a bouquet of roses given to an aunt by her husband, the Grandma Rose lives on and proliferates in gardens of our family here in the Philippines and abroad. Mom brought a stem from the US and planted it in her garden. That’s it up there in full bloom. As we pass on to each other and to our future generations the Grandma Rose, her legacy shall continue to live.

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Dear Fellow Photo Hunters: I am posting early and will be back later today to comment on your photos. I am going out to have lunch with the mommies over at Pinoy Moms Network. I’m so excited to finally meet my fellow bloggin’ moms! 😀

You all have a great weekend!

24 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: Colorful

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL garden! That is so awesome!!! I wish I had a green thumb. I kill most plants… not intentionally, of course, they just don’t love me like I love them. It’s a good thing my black thumb doesn’t extend to my family!!

  2. That is a lovely set of photos, the dandelion in the middle made me smile, most of the others I don’t think I’ve even seen before.

  3. Beautiful. I like that red one that you don’t know what it is… hehe Our flowers didn’t do as well this year and kinda slow due to a late frost/freeze after Spring *sigh*

  4. those are gorgeous. Baguio is such a flower city, my family used to have a flower business there. hope you had fun at the PMN lunch. wish I was there.

  5. What beautiful flowers you have! You definitely do have green thumbs. I have wonderful memories of spending summers in Baguio amidst flowers like yours. And the story behind the Grandma Rose plant is so sweet.

  6. Fantastic photos!

    Grabe, I’m drooling… How I wish I could grow plants like that but Baguio’s weather is really perfect for gardening.

    Remember my MIL bought some plants back in Manila and apparently these plants only grow in cooler climate…. hahaha!

  7. Hello Chat! ‘Twas a great lunch with all of you! 🙂

    Loads of pictures here! I love the sunflower pic. I don’t have a green thumb like my mother but I do love plants, flowers. They soothe my senses. 🙂

  8. wow, beautiful selection of flowers. ang ganda talaga! Baguio has the perfect weather to grow everything, from flowers to veggies. wish we have that kind of weather here.

  9. Hi Chats. First of all, it was wonderful meeting you in person. Thanks for being so warm and friendly.

    Magnificent photos! I could just picture your mama’s garden so full of life and vibrant colors. My MIL also gave me vanda orchids. I love sunflowers. I have a small collection of things with sunflower theme. It’s my dream to see a big field of sunflowers someday. I love the story of your Grandma Rose. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Chats, it was so nice seeing you in person.

    If only I could have a fraction of your mama’s gardening skills, that would make me a happier person. 🙂 Nice photos. Mine Photo Hunters photos are flowers too.

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