Saturday Photo Hunt: Birds

It’s been a while since my last Photo Hunter entry.

Today’s theme is Bird/s.

I have quite a few interesting ‘bird’ photos.

A sparrow scavenges for food. I like how it is camouflaged with the background.

Pink flamingos prettifying themselves at a lagoon in Taipei Zoo.

An ostrich at Zoobic Safari, Subic –  one of my family’s favorite destinations. (Subic, that is.) I took this photo from inside the car since we were not allowed to get off – the ostriches love to run after visitors.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



My eldest daughter is starting to love playing sports. Last year she learned how to play badminton, and she quickly got the hang of it. This year, she learned volleyball. And her team won its first game yesterday. Now her P.E. in school is table tennis. I got her a ping pong racquet set. If she becomes good at this one, should I buy her a ping pong table?

9 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: Birds

  1. Yikes re your last comments — I don’t think I’d like to have an ostrich, never mind a whole flock of them, running after me! :O

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