San Juan Beach La Union on a sunny December day

During the Christmas break in Baguio, my family went on a trip to San Juan Beach La Union, which is just about an hour and a half from the mountains.

San Juan Beach La Union is the surfing capital of the North, and now I know why. The waves are huuuuuge! As in throw-you-around huge!

During the summer season, San Juan beach gets pretty crowded. But we were lucky that day because there were very few beach-goers and it was very quiet. Our family practically had the whole beach to ourselves. The beach was also very clean. This place gets two thumbs up from my family.

San Juan was so serenely beautiful that I made up my mind – I’m going to retire there. How can anyone be not peaceful and peace-loving when he/she is surrounded with so much beauty?

San Juan Beach La Union surfing capital

No, we didn’t go surfing. But we had a smashing time crashing against the waves as they came in.

We stayed at a private beach cottage called DZone (owned by Mrs. Dizon, no kidding! LOL). It was right beside a resort called – again, no kidding – Final Option. We kept confusing the resort’s name with Last Resort. Hahaha!

San Juan Beach La Union cottage for rent
Dzone Cottage: a nice nipa hut with 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, a bath, a living room with a/c, a kitchen, and a spacious yard. Great value at Php3,000/day.

I envy my Baguio folks because they are blessed with cool weather all year ’round, and an awesome beach is just a short ride away. Haaay, I can’t wait to grow old, retire and move back up there.

8 thoughts on “San Juan Beach La Union on a sunny December day

  1. San Juan is indeed nice. We got to stay in a resort called Palm Beach and it was pretty good! Road trip to the resort was a bit of a hassle but well worth it.

  2. Hi Peach! Thanks for the blog visit. My family is definitely going back. We will try to check out Palm Beach when we do go back.

  3. Hi Chats! What an awesome beach trip. And San Juan is definitely surf candy. I think I got Baguio plans later this year. Crossing fingers!

  4. Hi ading Mel! Oh, how lucky of your family. I really loved it at San Juan. Masarap balik-balikan. Sana the beauty will not be spoiled in time as the place becomes more known and ‘touristy’. Thank you for the blog visit!

  5. Hi May! Wow, from South to North! I hope your plans work out the way you want them.

    Do you surf?

    Thank you for the blog visit! 🙂

  6. hay naku, i thought the same thing when i went home last Easter – would be so good to just retire in the province and la union at that, not too far from baguio.. although The V.’s first choice would be bohol, as in super rural pa siya.. lots of nipa houses.. etc.. wish..wish..wish…

  7. Hi Manang toni! How are you? I missed you ah. Ay oo, Bohol seems like a great place too, though I have never been there. Hopefully makarating kami dyan ng family ko soon. Wish, wish din! hehe

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