Samsung washing machines for a happy Filipino home

What’s the latest on Samsung washing machines?

Last week, I got invited by Samsung Philippines to a small gathering of mommy bloggers where we were introduced to the latest fully automatic Samsung washing machines.

Samsung washing machines
Samsung’s new line of fully automatic washing machines

My current washing machine is approaching it’s 10th birthday, and according to the Samsung brand manager, the average Filipino household buys a new washing machine once every 10 to 11 years. I agree, because the one I have now is showing signs of retirement soon. So if you’re like me who is in the market for a new washing machine, read up!

Samsung washing machines fully automatic top load

Samsung Fully Automatic WW5000 Front Load Washer

Most of my friends who own front load washers highly recommend that I get one like it. They say that it’s gentler on clothes, more power- and wachine machines front load_White

The Samsung WW5000 is powered by digital inverter technology. It’s so efficient that it only consumes around Php2.00 per hour of use. It utilizes Samsung EcoBubble Technology, ensuring even distribution of detergent powder simply with cold water (no need for hot water = energy savings), so that it’s able to penetrate clothing fabric more efficiently. Then there’s the Stain Away Program – a pre-programmed cycle with settings that allow for quick removal of challenging stains like chocolate, blood, tea, grass, etc. According to Samsung, the Stain Away feature creates frothy bubbles, and lets the fabric soak to allow the detergent to penetrate more deeply.

Fully Automatic Top Load WA16F759

samsung washing machines_Front_ Silver

This sleek stainless steel Samsung machine – the Top Load WA16F759 – has a model that can wash up to 16 kilos of laundry.This is perfect for my big family – with 2 athletes and an allergic boy who must change clothes often. One full cycle on full capacity – wash and spin (laundry comes out 80% dry, btw) – takes about 2 hours. With digital inverter technology,it uses under Php10.00 worth of power per cycle. 

samsung washing machines stainless steel top load

Definitely crushing on this right now. 😀

samsung washing machines stainless steel tub

Instead of round holes on the drum that we see in conventional washers, this Samsung washing machine has diamond shaped ones. This feature and the Wobble technology of the pulsator are what make this machine so gentle on clothing. They prevent laundry from bunching up into on big twisted ball of fabric. We moms like that!  I also like that this has two large lint filters on two sides of the drum. No more lint-y black clothing, yay! (Black makes up about half of my wardrobe :D)

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA4000HH

samsung washing machines WA75H4000HA-TC_001_Front_Silver

This one, I think, is perfect for most Filipino households. Most Pinoy moms/dads/helpers are not content with just machine washing. We always must take the laundry out of the tub, and hand-wash some more, most especially around the collars and cuffs. Agree?

samsung washing machines active dual wash samsung washing machines active dual wash 2

So Samsung innovated and made a machine with a built-in sink – the ActivDualWash. No more back-breaking task of lifting out laundry from tub to planggana to hand-wash. The built-in planggana also has its own side water jet (like a faucet).

Though, generally, I won’t be jumping with joy if I got an appliance for a Christmas gift from hub, hehe… I think, for the silver stainless steel Top Load WA16F759, I’d make an exception. Besides: make mom happy, the home is happy. 😀

Which of these Samsung washing machines are you crushing on?

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