Run for the Pasig River 2009 – Help Save the River

What sport is so exhilarating yet so convenient at the same time?


I discovered running when I joined the Pinay In Action Fun Run earlier this year. Actually, the interest in running was spurred when I started doing interval sprints on the treadmill. I found that the “high” after running felt really good.

Though the PIA run was my first and only race to date, I’d occasionally go for a run around the village. And the best exercise equipment for me, right now, is no longer the spinning bike but the treadmill. 😛

After the PIA run, I let too many races go by without myself running in them. But this time, I will not just let this opportunity go by.


There will be a Run For Pasig River in November 8. And I am going to run the 5k race.

By joining the race, runners will be able to catch a glimpse of the sad state of Pasig River as race routes cross several bridges over the river.

I think this is a worthy cause. With the devastation brought on by Typhoon Ondoy, people now realize the importance of keeping our waterways clean. But with realization must come action.

Join the Run for Pasig! The main event is a marathon (42k) but there are also short races (3, 5, and 10k).

Registration fee is Php250.00. More information found here. Registration info here.

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