Royal Spiderman is in the house!

Today, the kids, hub and I went to the pet store to claim Parker‘s pedigree and registration certificate issued by the Asian Kennel Club Union of the Philippines, Inc. (AKCUPI).

We were pleasantly surprised to read this on his registration paper:

Funny that we chose to name him “Parker” without knowing that “Prince Peter” is his registered name, haha!

Meanwhile, Parker is growing really fast! He turned 3 months old yesterday, and I’m guessing he must be around 10 kilos now. Will confirm that tomorrow when I bring him to the vet for a shot.

Diet: He’s on Vitality High Energy (P1700/ 15-kilo bag) – switched from Beef Pro Puppy and I noticed that his poop doesn’t smell as bad anymore. We feed him wet food (1 cup of dog food na binabad sa water for about thirty minutes) twice a day.

Treats: We give him 4-6 pieces of Charco Treats (P150/pack). The packaging says it has activated carbon which helps eliminate body odor. Let’s see about that.

Vitamins: Parker gets about one inch of Virbac Nutri-plus multivitamin gel  daily. I was going to give him Enervon-C Syrup (hehehehe), but the vet prescribed the gel vitamins when he was pooping blood (due to worms!). As when I have a sick kid, I just followed what the vet said and bought everything she Rx’d.

Exercise: I am learning now that Golden Retrievers are very active and love to play! We walk him once in the morning, and once in the afternoon or evening, but that doesn’t seem enough. Parker definitely lets us know when he is bored: he jumps up and down at the sight of anyone approaching him, and would not let up until someone plays tag with him.

Grooming: Parker bathes once a week, and it’s a major major event! V loves the blow-drying part because she gets to be the parlorista. I brush his hair once a day, sometimes with a powder bath. Nope, we haven’t tried brushing his teeth. Nope, his nails don’t need clipping.

Housebreaking: Parker now has his spot in the garage for pooping. It is always the same spot, hoooray! But we’ve had a few accidents inside the house, so I need to be watching him more, reading his body language when he needs to go.

Yep, we haz a toddler in the house. And it’s such joy. 😀

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