Road Trip with Hubby

Last Saturday, Hubby and I went on a road trip to Northern Luzon to visit one of his clients. Any road trip with H is always rush-rush, as he is not one who wastes precious precious time. So I had to make do with taking photos from the dashboard.

I love how the huge acacia trees lining the North Manila Road bow towards the center to create this beautiful arch of brown and green.

Cornfields and mango orchards

Our clients were really nice and very accommodating. This in spite of being one of the wealthiest families in the city. From what I saw, they lived simple lives. No bodyguards, no private drivers, no flashy jewelry. They smiled and greeted everyone who recognized them (and boy, were there lots who did!). I’ve been around some filthy-rich folks before, and they often exuded that feeling of superiority that make others uncomfortable. But not these filthy-rich folks. They were so pleasant that I, having met them for the first time, felt so at home with them. The wife and I were soon swapping stories about children, food, and weight woes! 😉

10 thoughts on “Road Trip with Hubby

  1. I like taking road trips with my husband too. I sometimes long for a change in scenery so a nice road trip is always a welcome family activity.

    Glad you met a down to earth couple like them.

  2. Hi iMom…those looked like the pictures I ended up taking when we make rush road trip too.

    I missed it, we haven’t done that in a while.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi Rach and Shoshana! I love roadtrips, no matter how rushed and short they may be. Yes, Rach, I welcome the change in scenery!

  4. lovely pictures, chateau! thanks for sharing.

    they are the kind of people that i admire most. reminds me of Leland Stanford, founder of Stanford U.

  5. Hi Chats,

    Acacia trees are my favorite of all trees. Katipunan (Loyola Heights) used to have a lot of them back in college pero the last time I checked they cut most of them.Some were more than a hundred years old but they wanted to make those fly overs and all — oh well cheers to modern roads!???!

    btw – any developments with your sis’ flight?

  6. Hi toni! There isn’t much left of the acacia trees on katipunan.. Except maybe for those inside the campuses of miriam and ateneo.. My sister still has no frankfurt flight in sight. 🙁 my gosh, i’m really so sorry. We are crossing our fingers for March.. Hay naku, she says those german christmas cakes are the best.. 🙁 i’m really really sorry ate.

  7. Your pictures remind me of the acacia trees lining the academic oval in UP Diliman.
    I wish I could take road trips when we visit the country…it would be such a nice break from the humdrum of the metropolis.

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