Red Ribbon Treats | Carbonara and Salisbury Steak

In the recent years, we have seen Red Ribbon innovate and improve its menu, and I must agree it has become better and better. New cakes are introduced every once in a while, much to the happiness of loyal customers such as myself (yipee!). Recently, Red Ribbon introduced the delightful Cookies and Cream with Oreo cake. Oh it is love!

And now Red Ribbon has come up with new ways to delight us once more – with two new and improved meals, the Salisbury Steak and the Carbonara.

I’m a pasta lover, and the all-new Carbonara is surely more delicious now than before.

Red Ribbon Carbonara

The sauce is made creamier, and has more bacon bits and mushrooms. I love the real grated parmesan on top. Noteworthy is the herbed bread that has replaced the buttered garlic bread. The bread is soft and mildly savory, actually resemblant of focaccia. I think Red Ribbon’s carbonara is definitely worth giving another chance. 😀

Aaah, the Salisbury SteakMy friends know that I have given up beef long ago (ten years or so) for health and religious reasons. But on certain occasions, I indulge myself just a bit. On this certain ocassion, how can I resist, when all the other mommy-bloggers were going “Ooooh! Ahhhh! Really good!”? So I took one (or was that two?) eeny-weeny bite of the patty.

Red Ribbon Salisbury Steak

The beef patty is noticeably plumper, juicier and meatier. That’s because it’s now made of 100% beef. I also noticed something new with Salisbury Steak – the rice is gone! Which is good, because, with a portion of mashed potatoes already, there really is no need to be redundant with carbohydrates. (Trust me, white-rice-eating Filipino population, white rice is not very good for the health.) I love the creamy mashed potatoes – the taste improved a lot with the addition of herbs. If I were a beef-eater, I’d have this for lunch anytime of the week.

The Salisbury Steak and Carbonara meals – the perfect treat anytime, any day. Troop now with the whole family to the nearest Red Ribbon.

13 thoughts on “Red Ribbon Treats | Carbonara and Salisbury Steak

  1. hay, bigla ko naman na miss ang red ribbon. paborito ko dyan e yung empanada at yung mango pies 🙂
    happy mom’s day!

  2. Ngayon ko lang napansin na wala na ngang rice yung Salisbury Steak… Basta they add more mashed potatoes which I love, I’ll still be loyal to this. 🙂

  3. Hi Meikah!

    thank you! And it was great meeting you last Sunday at ExpoMom. I hope to see you again in future events. Have a great week ahead.

  4. Hello sis, am drooling here. Sayang talaga I’ve missed the Red Ribbon event. For sure, I’ll try the steak and carbonara soon. Congrats again for winning…

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