Red Kimono Restaurant | UP – Ayala TechnoHub

If you think the UP-Ayala Technohub located along Commonwealth Avenue, QC is all about just techie-geeky stuff like gadgets and netbooks, think again. Restaurants and lifestyle shops have begun opening there.  Yesterday we decided to check out the eating places, and settled for Red Kimono Restaurant. The kids are starting to like Japanese food lately.

red kimono restaurant UP ayala technohub

I like the clean simplicity of the restaurant’s interiors. It’s bright, but at the same time there is a serene feeling. Oh yeah, the Japanese call it Zen… Luckily, we arrived early so I got this nice shot of an empty corner-

red kimono japanese restaurant UP Ayala technohub

I like the huge, bold pictures on the wall too.

V at red kimono restaurant

the kids at red kimono restaurant

As for the most important factor of all – the food…

red kimono restaurant bento tori curry katsudon gyoza
Clockwise: Tori Curry Rice with salad (curry sauce not shown); Katsudon Rice; Gyoza; Ebi Tempura Bento (my two daughters had one whole bento each!).

The kids loved the shrimp tempura, and the chocoballs that came along with the bento. My Katsudon was good, but Hub wasn’t very happy with his tori (breaded chicken fillet) curry rice. Our total bill ran a little over Php1,100 – not bad for a party of 6.

Red Kimono Restaurant isn’t bad at all, and I’d probably go back to sample the sushi/sashimi menu. There’s also a vegetarian menu, by the way. That, I’d like to try too.

Because it was cloudy by the time we finished lunch, the kids had a bit of fun at the fountains in the middle of the TechnoHub.

I saw other restaurants that are opening soon – I look forward to Le Ching (for its siomai and sparerib-rice) and to Razon’s (for the superb halo-halo! I hope it opens within the summer.) Soon, two of my favorite eating places will just be a very short 10-minute (or less) drive from home!

16 thoughts on “Red Kimono Restaurant | UP – Ayala TechnoHub

  1. Yes, that place is beginning to get hot.  Amazing din yung chinese resto there — luk foo? — where they have splendid peking duck.   Hindi din expensive.   I wanna try Red Kimono one of these days.   Let’s?

  2. Hi there, annamanila!

    LukFoo is at Puregold, also along Commonwealth Ave. I have never tried the peking duck there, even if it’s just 5 minutes from my house. hehe.

    Yes, let’s try Red Kimono one of these days. 🙂

    Hey, have you seen the Pond’s contest below? I am honored that you agreed to be the judge. 😀 Thank you! 

  3. Hi Loida! Thanks for the visit. There are a lot of Japanese restos that have opened up. I still like Kimono Ken more than Red Kimono though. 🙂

  4. Hi Julie! The phone has a 5MP camera. Let’s hit Technohub soon! Anong nagbabalak, they really went in, basang basa nga mga shoes nila eh. LOLZ

  5. may i know where in the U.P. technohub is the red kimono? because they advertise it in our school in New Era University……

  6. Me i know what is the history of your restaurant?

    this is a school purpose only

    im hrm students this question is the one of my school requirements.

  7. @Lucille: Uuhhmmm. I don’t own the restaurant. My family just happened to eat there and we liked the place so I blogged about it.

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