Reasons to love Mom!

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Rachel tagged me with the Best Mom in The World tag. This is a meme – a belated Mother’s Day one – that honors the most important women on our lives. Tag along if you’d like to pay tribute to your own mom.

1. Bregie – her love for us is endless.

Bing – for us she is more than perfect!

Twerlyn – Because she loves me unconditionally.

4. Tasteful voyage , A mom’s note – raising her six children the best she could and now, her grandchild.

5. Supermodel Wannabe & Fun.Fierce.Fab – My Mom’s the BEST because she was able to raise us to be God fearing, respectful, responsible & open-minded. She’s the best. She’s like a friend & sister to me!

6. Hailey’s Domain & Hailey’s Beats and Bits
My Mama is the best because she was able to give birth and raise EIGHT kids; more than half of the time she was a single parent. She worked hard for us, prayed unceasingly for us and and sent EIGHT children ( all of her kids) to the same school (U.P.) , singlehandedly.

7. Rachel ~ Heart of Rachel & Soulful Thoughts – My mom gives me unconditional love. She has always shown me love, understanding, kindness and patience more than anyone else. I admire her devotion to our family because she thinks of us before herself. I love her very much.

8. iMoM – iMoMonline – Mama is a strong woman and has always had a positive outlook in life. During those difficult years, she did her best to make both ends meet by selling just about anything – from tocino and hotdogs to herbal supplements and fish oils. She loved Daddy and all six of her children untiringly. I love you, Mama!

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Daiz, Raqgold, Cess, and Vlado&Toni – it’s your turn to tell us why your Moms are the best. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Reasons to love Mom!

  1. Thanks Chats for doing this tag and sharing these wonderful things about your mom. I admire how she worked hard for your family. It’s great how she thought of selling those products to bring in more income.

  2. sweet… 🙂 no words could ever describe how much i truly adore & love my mom. we have our share of strained days (the most recent one, she didnt speak to me for 2 weeks). but at the end of the day, i only have her to cry on & laugh with.

  3. hello chats, naku di ko nakita na na tagged mo pala ako for that post, hmm late na ba sumali? next mother’s day na lang.

  4. Toni, Hindi pa kita nainform, sorry. This was really a belated mother’s day tag, so you can still do it. Ang tagal pa ng next Mother’s day no.

  5. My mom … i remember her picking me up from school until grade 2, braiding my hair until first year high school, making hinguto and feeling all my lisa even while she was about to go sleep. She has the PR I totally missed out on. She was president of mother’s club and was palsy walsy with the principal and teachers, that’s why i got to be class salutatorian. hahaha I should blog about her soon.

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