Readers Are Learners

Among my three kids, Patch is the book-lover.

She loves to read, even when she was younger. Maybe it was part of my influence. During the early years when she was yet an only child, our favorite hangouts were National Bookstore and Books for Less. We’d scour the stores for great bargains (because I’m a cheapskate). We’d find storybooks, nursery rhyme books, fairy tales, picture books.Β Whenever I see bargain books with theΒ Newbery medal, I always buy it. (The seal guarantees that the book is a good read.)

Of course in the beginning, I read to her. Mostly she was just looking at the pictures. But that is how interest in reading is stirred.

Today her favorite books are Nancy Drew Mysteries and a few juvenile novels by Judy Blume. I told her about Choose Your Own Adventure Series, which was all the rave when I was in high school. Patch loved the idea of being able to choose how the story goes. Unfortunately, they are very hard to find these days.

I encourage my children to read. Because many things we need to learn are not taught in the classroom. Because reading enriches the mind. Because books are always so much better than the movie versions πŸ˜› .

Readers are learners. Let’s feed our kids’ minds. That way they don’t end up like the rest of the shallowness-trapped youth of today.


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9 thoughts on “Readers Are Learners

  1. You’re so right, I agree 110% πŸ™‚
    Our kids are blessed they’ve got access to books. I remember growing up house-bound and I almost always have nothing to read, just komiks. But even those were treasure-filled with adventures.
    BTW I remember those “choose your own adventure” books. They were a bit expensive so I only got 1 copy, I borrowed from a rich classmate πŸ˜€

  2. My cousins and I are pooling our books to our sort of central library (actually a cabinet like shelf), we share different types of books there to all the relatives. We specifically encourage the younger ones to read.Β  I’ve accumulated a number of new books since I’m based in UAE and I intend to send home those that I’ve finished.Β  Nothing beats love for reading, our imaginations are enriched and endless that way.

  3. Mng. Toni, Cess – Super hit ang Choose Your Own during our high school days no? Ako naman, I can’t afford to by so I just borrowed from my classmates. πŸ™‚

    Mng Toni, wala nang Bookmark today… Pero Cid buhay na buhay pa rin, pati Jet Bookstore πŸ™‚ It’s good to know these establishments have weathered it out against/despite National.

  4. Auee, ako din – humihiram lang ako sa mga classmates ko πŸ˜€

    Abaniko! kamusta? Yes, i hope my tow younger kids also develop love for reading.

    Witsandnuts, yes our imaginations are indeed enriched. That’s the reason why I like book versions rather than the movie versions of anything hehe πŸ™‚ And it’s good that I can see that my daughter is going that way too . She appreciates the book versions more kasi daw mas complete.

  5. Way to go, Patch! Parehas pala kami. I also enjoyed Nancy Drew mysteries a LOT as a kid, and that’s what got me hooked on reading. I also liked Judy Blume! Other favorites from way back were Beverly Cleary, The Babysitters’ Club, Sweet Valley Twins. If you find the book “The Trouble with Thirteen” by Betty Miles, that’s an awesome read as well. Super old na. It’s about two best friends who adjust to their new lives as one moves to the city and they both turn 13. I LOVE that book. πŸ™‚ Nasenti ako sa post mo!

  6. Hi Toni! Oh yes, she loves Beverly Cleary too. Sige, I will try to look for that Betty Miles book next time we hit Books For Less, hehe. Thanks!

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