She’s a reader!

As a child, I enjoyed reading. But I must admit my daughter Patch is a much more voracious reader than when I was her age.

Yesterday, she brought home a paperback she borrowed from her classmate – Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 1: The Lightning Thief. She said it was more “awesome than the movie!” And she even went on to say “Ang pangit ng movie!”

I had to be firm with her, though, so she’d put the book down, because today was the last day of Unit Tests and she was supposed to be studying. But she was reading the book instead of studying… Oh well, yes it’s a good problem.

Anyway, books can make a huge dent on the budget so I often buy from used-books shops like Books For Less or National Bookstore’s POB (previously owned books) Section. I’ve never tried buying from online shops such as Amazon books, though. I’m scared of the S&H charges.

Back to the Percy Jackson series… She is so loving it, she plans to save her allowance so she can buy the whole series of books. 😀

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