Quick Peek

Oh, Hello!

I almost forgot this blog existed. *scratches head* So before my blog goes poof because it feels so abandoned, I thought I’d redesign. After several weeks of being busy, it’s good to try and get into the holiday feeling.

I’m quite happy with this Christmas theme I found by Karen Blundell. It’s clean and simple, yet cheery enough, eh? The only thing I would have wanted is another sidebar. But I guess we’d have to do with a very long single sidebar for now.

Hmmm… I guess that’s it. I’d have to run off again to do more errands. Busy days are here to stay!

15 thoughts on “Quick Peek

  1. The template’s very neat. I am partial to light colors so I love this theme. Anyway, I handed you a friendship badge. You can visit my post about it anytime you can. Take care! 🙂

  2. Happy Holidays!!!

    Everyone’s hectic this season. hehe. Just wanted to drop by and say I’m still alive. 😛

    Luvin the Christmasy feel here.

    Later. 🙂

  3. I step away for a moment, and this is what happens??? LOL! Hi, Chats! Don’t stress out during the holidays…that’s my job! The Christmas card will be in the mail soon, but, since it’ll probably arrive after Christmas, just consider it a “holiday” card! Happy Holidays!

  4. sorry, my dear–nagka sabay sa blog ni Chase

    but yes, i find your new design cool to the tired eyes. and chistmasy…


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