Project:Ham Update

So Christmas is just a few winks away.

I wonder how my ham is going to be. I’m feeling both anxious and excited for the outcome. Nevertheless, I have forewarned my family to have a store-bought ham on standby. You know, in case I botched this ham again.

Anyway, on the ham’s 8th day of curing, I took it out of the brine. I applied some dry cure all over, composed of brown sugar and rock salt (2:1 proportion) with a little bit of cinnamon powder and ground pepper. To get a nice rounded shape, I bound the piece of meat with some yarn. (The proper material should have been some kitchen twine, but hey, I’m an amateur! The crocheting yarn should do the job as well. 😛 )

So this is how it looks now:

It’s looking nicely round eh? I learned that wet-curing (or brining) doesn’t shrink the meat as much as dry-curing does. Hopefully, then, the ham will be juicier. I’m doing a dry-cure for the rest of the curing period to make sure the meat is tasty enough.

Tomorrow I will pre-cook the ham to make sure it doesn’t spoil during the 5-or-so-hour drive to Baguio. Uhmm… I’m still deciding how to do the pre-cook. 😛

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