Project Patio

The kids woke up late so hubby and I were just walking outside around the house this morning. It came upon us that our fixing and tinkering seem to have come to a standstill. You see, we just moved in to this place in September. After we managed to put the basics in place and were feeling a bit more settled, we seem to have slowed down a bit. Hence, the patio isn’t a place for lounging yet, instead it’s become our temporary storage. :-0 What a mess!
Okay, says hubby, we’ve got a project today. (He’s one who could never sit still; he just got to do something.) Off we went furniture shopping for the patio.
But the ones we saw were either too boring, too expensive or not just my type. We were running out of ideas and places to go when we saw this really simplistic table with ceramic tiles for the top. But the size we wanted was not available.
Then the thinking bulb went *ting!* in hubby’s mind. Why don’t we make our own table? Besides, if hubby does have riches, it is not of silver and gold or a huge bank account (how I wish it were so!), but of metal tubes! LOL! (We used to manufacture computer desks until the business went pfffft! Thanks to the China imports which sell at half our price!)
So now I was getting all excited. We went to the ceramic tile store near our home and finalized the design. Hubby is bringing the tiles to the plant tomorrow and, he says, in two or three days the table shall be ready! Wheeeee! Yipee! 😀
Cross my fingers, legs, and eyes, I hope the design works!

7 thoughts on “Project Patio

  1. I think I know those tables. Are those the mosaic tile table, mediterranean style? I’ve seen them as well here in Germany but they are really expensive. Goodluck with your project and don’t forget to make a before and after picture.

  2. No, toni, i’m not yet that ambitious.. but at first that’s where my imagination took me. then i was jolted back to reality- hindi kaya ng powers ko yung ganung mosaic challenge, LOL! but then again, i just might consider working on one.. 😉 pag okay, order ka ha? hehe

  3. I have lived in my room for over 10 years now and it still looks like I’ve never fully moved in! hehehe

    I love home projects! Take a picture of the table when you’re done, would love to see it!

  4. thanks, alternati, for dropping by! I will post pic of the table when it’s done. (nakakapreyssure naman, baka ma underwhelm kayo! hihi)
    It’s good to find fellow baguio-bloggers. 🙂

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