I’m Half-way There!

Last Wednesday’s weigh-in read:

146 pounds

That brings the stats to these:

2/13/2007: 162 pounds

6/3/2007: 150 pounds

6/27/2007: 146 pounds

Target weight: 130 pounds

Pounds lost: 16 pounds

Pounds to lose: 16 pounds

Just doing this now, I realize that I am half-way to my goal! And it feels so rewarding.

The road to my halfway was not easy. I worked hard on my appetite, keeping myself from eating too much rice during family meals or devouring my own Weekend Cook creations. On countless times, a chocolate bar or a bag of chips called out to me and it took all my determination to resist! On those times that I took the bait, I simply forgave myself and moved on. (People, the keywords are “move on”!)

I worked hard at the gym too. I see to it that I workout at Fitness First at least three times a week. I would do thirty minutes of cardio activity (usually on the elliptical machine), abdominals routine and upper or lower body workout. I even risked looking like a fool by joining a dance class! I’ve always thought my body had the natural ability to dance – talk about self-confidence. But that self-confidence came crashing down when I joined the Hip-Hop dance class at the gym! I realized I actually had two left feet. hahaha! Fine. It wasn’t the class for me.

Last week, Nancy, my gym buddy and co-parent at the girls’ school, signed me up for cycling class. She said it was a great way to burn calories, tighten the abs, and build the bums. I was not exactly excited. You see, I never learned how to bike. Although it is not on my things-to-do before-I-die list, biking is something I’d like to learn. But the picture of falling and bruising my knees or elbows deters me from even trying to learn.

Imagine my joy when I started pedaling and leaning over the bike like pro-cyclists do. It was an hour of pumping and pedaling like a pro to thumping upbeat music. Through uphill climbs and exhilarating downhills, it felt great to imagine. Oh, it was great! Now I don’t have to learn to bike to feel the excitement of cycling! I found the perfect gym class that will take me from halfway to finish line. 😉

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